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This will assist you in performing the ij.start.canon set up perfectly. Additionally, the Canon printer is suitable for home, business, school, and others to enhance productivity. Further, the Canon printer is an important product in your day-to-day work. As well as, it will assist you in printing your essential documents at your place without any hassle. In downloading and installing the Canon printer drivers, the below assistance will help you.

Things you can do with Canon printer drivers

Copy, print, and scan are the three main features of inkjet models. Though, you can use duplex printing and fax when required for supported printers. In addition, Canon Inkjet printers are suitable for multiple devices, including Windows, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, Linux (a few models), and Chromebook. Also, the moment you set up the Canon model, you can simply go for mobile printing, laptop printing, Chromebook printing, etc. Download & Install it via ij.start.canon

Download the Canon printer driver – ij.start.canon

  • Firstly, visit the printer driver webpage to download the printer software. As it requires the use of a safe internet browser and the entry of “ij.start.canon” into the address bar. Now, move to your keyboard and press the “Enter” key after inputting the URL. You will be shifted to the printer drivers web page by the time you do so. 
  • Further, from the home page of ij.start.cannon, choose the uppermost tab, “Canon Printer Setup.”
  • Then, the product window will show. Canon provides a variety of ij.start.canon printer software for its many printer models. You should locate Canon Printer Software that is suitable for your purchase. So, you’ll have to fill in the search form with the model name of your Canon printer.
  • After that, with the download link, if you press the “Go” tab, you’ll be taken to your model window. 
  • Before moving forward, you must check and ensure that you download the suitable ij.start.canon printer software. Click the OS tab located in the upper-right corner to make the correct choice. 

Install the Canon printer driver – ij.start.canon

  • First, by connecting your printer to an internet connection, start the installation of the ij.start.canon driver. For forming the link, there are many strategies. You can use either the WPS or the Standard connection methods. You can use the ethernet method to connect if your printer isn’t suitable for wireless connections.
  • Then, it is to access the downloaded file. You will find your file in the Downloads folder if you have not changed the location manually.
  • Now, you will see the installation wizard when you permit them.
  • Here, the primary window allows you to select the wizard language. Make the required adjustments and move on to the next stage. 
  • Next, it will ask you to make a connection between your computer system and the printer. From the given choices, make the preferred selection and build a connection. Guidance for the same will come on your screen.
  • Furthermore, you will get a complete list of the printers, and when your printer is attached to the system perfectly, you have to choose the one you are using.
  • Moreover, checkmark the boxes of the selected software from the software selection screen.
  • In addition, the license agreement will show on your screen. Kindly go through the terms and conditions properly and accept them to move ahead.
  • The installation will now start. The process will complete in a minute or two.
  • You can now perform the print test by following the instructions and completing the ij.start.canon driver installation.


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