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Before coming on to why multilingual SEO is beneficial, first, let’s understand what it is.

Multilingual SEO is optimizing the content on your website for different languages so that it becomes searchable for users who live in different countries or speak different languages and can find your website through organic search. There are multilingual experts in an SEO Company who are skilled in different languages. Using this approach one could spread its business not only to any local area or a particular country but to the whole world.

For example, if your content is in the English language, but you notice that the product that you deal in has a good customer base in China but Chinese people are so obsessed with their language that they would prefer reading in Chinese even if they know English. So in this case the company could use a multilingual approach to expand its business. 

How would Multilingual SEO benefit your Business? 

Multilingual SEO is extremely important if you use it according to SEO Strategy. If you want visibility across different languages and locations. Search Engines such as Google or Bing utilize various indexing and ranking algorithms to understand the available content for different languages. Since multilingual websites can provide information for the same inquiries in different languages, they have more categorical quality and topical control on various topics. 

These given pointers will help you understand the importance of Multilingual SEO :

  1. The major benefit one is going to receive using multilingual SEO is making their product reach potential customers all over the world by providing the content in the language they understand or prefer.
  2. When you will use this Multilingual approach then it is certain that it is going to raise your business to the next level. And this rise in traffic on your website is surely going to rank you at the top leaving behind all your competitors.
  3. Seeing the effort that you made for your customers by using their local language will make a sense of respect for your company and that emotional connection may be profitable for your business for now and in future as well.
  4. Reaching different countries will open up various opportunities as soon as the business starts to expand. You will come to know about other locations where you could reach your business.
  5. Another way of Multilingual SEO is that if there is any location you want to make your product reach there, you could simply hire an interpreter from that country and he would not only help in interpreting but may also give you important details about that location according to which you could modify your business in that location. 

Process Multilingual SEO Team Follows:

(i) Proper Research and Planning –

 An SEO Company should observe the data, for eg. the location from where most of the traffic is emerging, what their shopping habits or what kind of customers i.e. male or female, child or a grown-up placed the order. These kinds of minor information can be utilized to build Multilingual SEO and Local SEO strategy.

(ii) Using dedicated URLs – 

Your URL should show what language your content is in otherwise Google may confuse your content for duplicate and therefore the search engine might get confused between original and duplicate. Ultimately this might affect your ranking. 

SEO Experts in India make sure that if they are writing content for Hindi users then the Url should contain the indicator that it is in Hindi so that it is easy for google to understand.

(iii) Hreflang is important – 

After deciding on your subdomain, you should make sure that you are using hreflang. Hreflang is an HTML element (rel = “alternate” hreflang= “x.”) that tells Google which language you are using for each of your website’s pages. This implies that your website can be easily searched.

(iv) Keyword technique – 

When planning your keyword strategy, make a list of the top-ranking keywords in each target market. Do not just translate a list of keywords into another language it won’t work. Keywords should be localized according to the market and language of the location.

Points to remember when you are planning your keyword :

  1. some words or terms are meant to be in English and are not to be translated (e.g., bitcoin)
  2. Proper nouns should not translate
  3.  Proper nouns can be translated if the target language uses a different script (e.g., Coca-Cola → кока кола)

(v) Meta-Data should be Translated – 

Along with your content, you should also translate the Meta Data because that is also important in the Ranking process. Metadata includes elements of the code of your websites, such as title tags, meta descriptions, and meta keywords. 

Four types of Metadata are : 

  1. Technical
  2. Operational
  3. Business
  4. Social

Meta-Data crawled by search engines and previewed to readers. This is necessary for a business if you want to rank higher in the searches in your target location.  This is the reason why all your meta-data is translated.

Hindrances experienced in the Multilingual SEO Process

  1. Don’t trust Online Translation Tools – One should not blindly rely on Online transaction tools because the translation they provide may not match the grammar and cultural language of the location. This can decline the quality of your keywords and lessen your visibility. Instead of this tool, one should contact a professional translator with special knowledge of digital marketing and SEO. There are many SEO Company in Delhi that hire interpreters instead of using online tools.
  2. Originality in Content – Content should hold quality and originality. If not done accordingly, then Google might not crawl a machine-translated site or content generated by a large language model (LLM). Generally, Google considers this type of content as thin content i.e. the content created is just for the sake of getting a high rank and has no or little value added to the reader. Therefore you should ditch this way of making content and opt for the way of human-created original content that google may index.
  3. Let your user choose the version –  Many websites directly redirect users to an international version. Instead, you should provide them with options/versions they want to choose. A language toggle pop-up should appear before redirecting. 

Tips to boost your Multilingual Strategy

We would share with you some best and free advice that will help you improve your multilingual strategy:  

  1. Use only Canonical URLs – 

Hreflang only validates canonical URLs. If still, you use non-Canonical URLs, then it will send conflicting signals to google. Because of this, the search engine might ignore Hreflang and you won’t be able to rank high in searches.

  1. Using Self- referencing URLs – 

The thing to focused on here is that there should be a self-referencing URL to the page where the code implemented.

  1. Add return links –

 Place Hreflang URLs on every version of the page. So this means you need to include Hreflang 10 times in your code if a page exists 10 times.

  1. Use cross-domain alternates – 

In this, the pages listed as alternates shouldn’t be on the same domain. It would be perfect if you organize your international website in a folder structure. This means that when you add a new language or a country, the new pages will boost by the established domain strength. This will make the implementation of Hreflang less complicated.


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