15+ Wedding Elements You Can Buy Online For Your At-Home Wedding


Amidst the covid-19 situation, it is life-risking to step out of your home. This epidemic is converting every normal thing into a new normal. Though everything is going online these days, the wedding is safe from this new normal. But weddings are also affected by this pandemic. They are not as excited and enjoying themselves as they used to be before this pandemic. You are bound to celebrate your beautiful event at home or a place where there are fewer people. But, don’t worry, we are here for you. We will make your at-home wedding more interesting and amazing. This article will bring out some wedding elements you can buy online for your at-home wedding.

There are thousands of elements present in the market which you can buy for your at-home wedding. But, which one to choose and will it look nice? Well, why worry when we are here. We have some stunning décor elements that will make your at-home wedding banquet like a wedding. Planning an at-home intimate wedding is a difficult task, and making it fun and amazing is a more difficult task. Choosing the right Lengha for a bride is also an easy task in front of hosting a wonderful wedding. In this hard time, making people fun and laughing is a good deed, which you will do through your wedding functions. We have taken ideas from various renowned wedding planners and professionals to design at-home weddings. Below is the list of some of the most demanding elements which you can buy online for your at-home wedding. You can use these elements in all the functions of your wedding. So, here comes the list for you.

20 Amazing Wedding Elements You Can Buy Online.

This section will pinpoint some 15+ wedding elements you can buy online for your at-home wedding.

1.    Fairy Lights

Lights have the capabilities to make any function brighter and more exciting. A wedding is incomplete without fairy lights. These lights are not costly and can be used in every function. You can buy a bunch of them in two or three possible colors so that you can easily use them in more than two or three functions. Just switch to amazon, where you will get a variety of options to choose from. This wedding element is a must-need accessory of any wedding at a banquet hall or at-home wedding. Fairy lights will put more glow on the face of the bride wearing a wonderful Bridal Dress.

2.   Artificial Flowers

Well, flowers are one of the most essential wedding elements that readily go out of stock during the pandemic time. So, make sure you are booking them beforehand, to avoid any kind of problem. If you were not able to make it up, then you have to use artificial flowers, which can also look good. On Amazon, multiple sellers are selling their artificial flowers. They are cheap and reusable. Thus, small weddings like at-home weddings, are the best option. You can buy any artificial flower you want with just a click.

3.    Led Sign Lights

This wedding element is now going trendier day by day. You can customize these LED lights according to your needs or can buy the same. Mark your and your partner’s name over these LED lights and it will surely evoke a good impression. You can reuse it in the future as well and also hang it on any of your room walls.

4.    Terrarium Glass Cone

You can add this element to the décor list of your at-home wedding to give it an elite class look. These terrarium glass cones can be placed at the table center or can be hanged any preferable place. The applications of this element are endless. You will never regret buying this element for your wedding. They are budget-friendly and can be yours in just 800 INR.

5.    Pocket hand Sanitisers

Nowadays, you can never ignore this accessory. As the host of the wedding, it becomes your responsibility to keep everyone’s safety at priority. For this, you can distribute these pocket-sized hand sanitizers to all the guests. You should also put a sanitizer bottle all around the venue to make the premises coronavirus-free.

6.    Wedding Quote Boards

A wedding quote board is also a nice wedding element you can buy online for your at-home wedding. This is a unique and trending idea that will add much-needed zest to the occasion. You can buy them for just 400 INR.

7.    Photo Booth Props

If you have plenty of space at your home, then you should definitely add some photoshoot locations for the guests. Adding photoshoot Props at the venue will make it more guests-friendly and your intimate wedding will become an amazing wedding. These photographs will always become the memory of your wedding place.

8.    Wonderful Wedding Badges

This idea is trending nowadays of giving wedding badges to all the guests. This idea will make you feel special. You can customize the badges according to your ideas and thoughts.

9.   Mr. and Mrs. Balloon Sets

Here comes the cutest element from the list, Mr. and Mrs. Balloon sets. You can add the name of bride and groom in form also and this will really look cute and specially designed for at-home weddings.

10.  LED Balloons

So, here comes the most interesting element that you can use in your at-home wedding. This LED balloon is one of the amazing choices and can be used anywhere according to your wish. You can even use them after your wedding and can be used at all your festivals. Your venue will look really interesting and amazing if you can utilize these balloons well.

11. Antique Lanterns for home décor

Antiques are always aesthetic elements that can really add much-needed uniqueness to your wedding venue. You can buy them from amazon on budget and can use them anywhere where you want to attract attention. This unique idea is now ready for your wedding to light up every corner.

12. Flower Vase for Table Décor

Flower vases are traditional, yet amazing table décor still in use in a modern-day wedding as well. You can put some amazing flowers in these vases, and place them perfectly to design the table. These flower vases will give a stunning look to your home and add much-needed beauty to your home.

13. Indoor Hammock Jhoola

Jhoola is a wedding, interesting and unique. It is a very guests-friendly idea that can create a sense of beauty in your venue. These jhoolas can be set up anywhere inside your home. You can take them on rent also from any local vendor, but if you want to permanently make them yours, you can buy them from Amazon.

14. Beautiful Door Hangings

Weddings torans are one of the most interesting ideas to put on the doors. They are not easily available but if you found them, then never leave a chance to miss them. They can be used to give a beautiful entry to the guests and may be used further also.

15. Aesthetic Candle Décor

Lights can make everything amazing. And, if it lights candles, it will make the environment romantic too. You can buy various sets of these candle décor from amazon and use them at the place where you want to attract your guest’s attention.

16. Artificial Floral Hangings

If you are not able to find natural flowers nearby, then don’t worry, many online vendors have amazing artificial floral hangings that can make your wedding memorable and beautiful. These artificial floral hangings can be used on other occasions also, thus don’t hesitate to make this one-time investment. You can buy them in any color you wish.

17.  Dreamcatchers for stunning décor

You can use dream catchers to decorate the spare space. They have a very auspicious stand in Hindu weddings as they are known to catch every bad vibe. You can also use them as a wedding element for décor. They will always look amazing.

18.  Rajasthani Umbrellas

Well, you will wish to add some quirky touch to your wedding. So, here is that element which you are looking for. You can style your backdrop with these Rajasthani Umbrellas to make your wedding more exciting. These ethnic umbrellas are very much in demand, so grab them fast.

19. Kites for a pretty Backdrop

You can also elevate your wedding décor by using kites in the backdrop. This is a very amazing and eccentric idea which will attract every guest’s attention.

20.  Pretty Birdcages

Well, this is also a nice idea to decorate the interior of your venue. This is one of the most interesting wedding elements that you can buy online for your at-home wedding. Birdcages have always been a centerpiece of the attraction in every wedding. 

Try these beautiful wedding elements, you will never regret them. These wedding elements will attract anyone’s attention in one go and will make your wedding more interesting. Comment down your favorite wedding element.


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