3 Point Strategies of a Good Warehouse Layout


We all know e-commerce is flourishing rapidly recently. The need to have a completely efficient warehouse is imperative. Well, we assume yours is in the making too. But do you know the efficiency and convenience of your warehouse depend largely upon a good and practical layout? If not, then you should read a lot about the ideal layout for a warehouse and how to achieve it, along with the benefits it has for the entire e-commerce business and its logistics systems.

The good ways to plan an ideal layout for your warehouse

Before planning an ideal strategy for a good layout, you have to consider the type of product that you deal with in the warehouse. There is a different type of shelving system and processing procedure of various distinct products. You should also know that just planning out and creating a layout isn’t enough. A good warehouse is also neat, clean and even painted to make this place look positive and pleasant. There are good commercial painters in Auckland from GIB Pro Fixing who will do a great job in painting such a large area for you. They have been dealing with the painting of commercial properties for a long time, and that’s what makes them the best people to consider for your warehouse as well. So far, everything looks nice, isn’t it? So how about planning the ideal layout for your warehouse now?

  • Draw a good layout design for the warehouse

The very first step to get the ideal layout design is to sit with a contractor, an expert in commercial warehouse designing, and plan a good layout that is really practical for your warehouse. As per the products you are going to deal with, you have to keep a separate area or zone for storing them, an office to deal with all the logistic methods, etc. You have to also ensure that there are enough places for those heavy and huge machinery you are going to have in this space and a separate section for the damaged inventories as well.

  • Ensure efficient usage of the space

Ideally, a warehouse is a huge space that is going to be broken down into various zones. So, when you have such a large area, don’t waste these spaces at all. Ensure that you are using each corner and area and assigning exact functionality while designing the layout.

  • Check practically

Now that you have cut the corners and decided on an ideal space for each of your storage, inventories, packaging, machinery, and even handling the packaged goods, the next step is to put everything to practice and check if it meets the reality check. Do let your workers try the efficient usage of the machinery and packaging in the assigned spaces. Check if the zones you have created are enough for that kind of work and the packed items can be loaded comfortably by the group of workers in the space reserved for transportation. If there is an issue during this time, you can still consider the alterations since the work is still in progress.

Just as you can’t ignore the fact that your warehouse is a large space with multiple functionalities, you should also consider that you’re going to have ample manpower in this area as well. So, whatever plan you design for this place, remember it should be safe, convenient, and without making people feel overwhelmed or claustrophobic while working here. 


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