5 Characteristics that Make Custom Boxes Essential for Subscription Services


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Aiming to take the lead in your subscription market? You must work towards improving the customer interaction experience with your business presenting it through lively custom boxes.

Mediocre brand images don’t fare well anymore. Customers are rapidly spoiled for choice and that makes it crucial to give them something to remember the brand by. Personalized content is termed as highly relevant to customer retention. It is an investment that is making more rounds in the market than any other form of marketing commitment.

What is personalized content?

Have you seen subscription boxes asking customers for feedback? Or being inclusive of their preferences? Well, all these elements are not there by accident. They are a part of an exclusively thought-out plan to generate customer loyalty.

It could be as prominent as putting up custom box colors or district brand images. Or as subtle as creating interesting box locks and shapes. As high as 54% of customers agree to be enticed by personalized packaging. It is a good way to break the ice with new customers and introduce the brand.

Moreover, customized packaging helps brands to align their branding goals with what customers expect from their purchases. Subscriptions rely heavily on customers agreeing with their purchased items to order them again. Continued subscriptions pave way for enhanced brand growth and an impressive sales turnout.

A good example can be the recent Coca-Cola drive. It prompted customers to look for their names on the packaging and even had different labels for every customer location. The success of this marketing drive has proved that customers are all up for personalization embedded within the packaging they buy.

Benefits of custom subscription boxes

When customers get their subscriptions in inspiring yet secure boxes, there is little reason for them to look for alternative brands. Let us look into what makes personalized content ring with branding goals and how the boxes can secure a better brand position in the market.

  1. Apt target features

An effective way to convey strong branding messages is by niche targeting. Brands gain from segmenting their customer demographic depending on their locality, gender, profession, age, and other demographics.

Doing so, helps even smaller brands to spark customer enthusiasm. They are more likely to try out a brand when they see personalized features on the boxes while shipping or displayed at stores.

Subscription boxes are often sent directly to customers, making them eliminate the retail store hassles and reaching out to their customers through creative box content that fits with their expectations.

  1. Display brand identity

How can buyers know of your brand image well enough? It takes more than just a generic brand display to cut through the noise.

Distinguished brand logos and patterns are imprinted on customers’ minds faster than ordinary ones. Personalized features stay with buyers long after they come across the brand images. For example, Amazon uses clear fonts and classic box appeal as their signature display. The business is recognized worldwide owing to such individual brand components.

The latest trend is to add personalized tag lines to link customers’ sentiments with the brand. Heinz came up with ‘get well soon’ messages printed on their soup packaging. It instantly connected with buyers and pushed up the product sales by a high margin.

  1. Let customers take control

Subscription custom boxes can deliver almost any type of product. Certain brands let customers customize their boxes online. It is a perfect way to entice gift sales and festival shopping.

It is a good form of avoiding errors and wastages too. Letting customers pick the box features that resonate with their preferences is more productive. Brands save ample time and resources and omit the risk of whether customers would like the subscription boxes or not. For the customers, the business emits efforts to offer good value for money. It proves to be a foolproof way of brand marketing.

  1. Participate in social causes

Customers are very conscious of how they contribute to society. Allowing them to take part in social causes by subscribing to the brand works to improve customer loyalty.

Numerous brands are now trying to start a conversation using their packaging. Customers are encouraged to share their views regarding a certain topic on the brand’s online portals. It creates a social media campaign and prompts more customers to join in.

Nearly 70% of customers admit to being impressed with brands involved in social issues. They feel a sense of responsibility when subscribing to a brand that offers positive ethics.

Personalized content helps to use the boxes to form a durable connect with customers using appropriate fonts, colors, graphics, and box appeal. Creating custom boxes matter to sell subscriptions. Printing the boxes with unique personalized content is a creative way to gather customer loyalty.

custom boxes

  1. Reuse the boxes for alternative uses

Who says that the boxes can only be used for shipping and branding? Certain subscription items require the boxes to last longer so the products can be stored in them for at least their shelf life.

Custom dimensions and box densities are the perfect combos to hold almost all types of products firmly and protect them from a wide range of harmful variants. Expert box manufacturers have the right box production mechanisms to craft strong and reliable box structures.

Personalized branding aspects can be made part of the boxes too. Customers retain the brand identity owing to the box shapes and combination of custom box elements.

For example, adding ribbons for locks or carving handles made of the packaging material is a good way to make the boxes convenient to handle and store. The boxes are also printed with relevant storage instructions so the products remain functional for a long time. It ensures safer deliveries too, encouraging customers to trust the brand for providing premium products every time.

Strategic packaging solutions put personalized custom boxes at the forefront. The subscription markets are gaining popularity due to increased e-commerce sales. It is a good time to use personalization to make your brand more prominent.


Modified subscription boxes help businesses to tap into their sales potential. Understanding your products and customer type can reap multiple benefits.

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