5 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Puerto Rico


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Puerto Rico is a tropical and exotic holiday destination located in the Northeastern Caribbean Sea. Beautiful beaches, palm trees, colorful streets, rugged forests and parks, islands, and stunning attractions surround the place. Water sports enthusiasts can find a major boost of fun activities, including surfing, flyboarding, swimming with aquatic creatures, sailing, sea caving, and whatnot. 

Moreover, Puerto Rico is home to tropical rainforests and nature-oriented places and plenty of wonders of the Bioluminescent Bay. The classic architecture and old fort tours are other highlights of the site. While exploring the treasures, you will find small villages, captivating islands, and rugged mountain backdrops.

Best Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

Get to know about the top-rated places to visit in Puerto Rico with the help of a valuable travel guide. 

Old San Juan (San Juan Viejo) 

The colonial architecture and magnificent forts in the streets of Old San Juan are the top attractions to explore in Puerto Rico. The site is associated with a history of around 500 years, layered with modern life. More than hundreds of colonial buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries have been restored. Besides historical representation, you can find excellent options for dining, shopping, or staying in some of the best hotels and resorts. 

The main highlight of Old San Juan is El Morro Fort, standing on the peninsula high above the ocean and built-in 1539. It is also preserved as one of the top attractions in Puerto Rico. 

El Yunque National Forest

El Yunque National Forest comes among the best places to visit in Puerto Rico, featuring the unusual beauty of mountains, lush greenery, waterfalls, and clear blue sky. The forest is home to the only existing tropical rainforest in the Natural US Forest System, covering 43 square miles of land.

The site offers an incredible opportunity to the hikers to find out around 240 species of trees and hundreds of different plant species, including 50 species of orchids in total and other wildlife species. Some of the major highlights to witness in the forest are La Coca Falls, Yokahu Tower, Bano Grande, Bano de Oro, and La Mina Falls. 

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Culebra Island (Isla Culebra) 

Culebra Island is a small island surrounded by plenty of gorgeous beaches, famous for its unique features. The atmosphere of the site is so calm and relaxing that you can get a perfect vacation vibe. It is only seven miles long and three miles wide, whereas 17 miles is the east part of Puerto Rico and 12 miles is the west of Saint Thomas. Other than this, Playa Flamenco is another famous beach, perfect for experiencing the breathtaking views of the sunset and irresistible beauty all around. It is an ideal place for swimming, diving, or simply relaxing on an exotic island. Make United airlines booking in advance so that you don’t miss out on anything interesting during your trip. 

Ponce’s Historic City Center

Ponce might not be seen as a tropical tourist attraction, but its historical centers are worth visiting. It is often known as the historic city of Puerto Rico, featuring classic architecture and plazas dating back to the 17th century. You can begin your trip by discovering the beautiful historical sites and knowing about their relevance in modern times. In addition, there are many cafes and parks, suitable for relaxing and enjoying the peaceful and pleasant views. 

Vieques and Bioluminescent Bay

Vieques and Bioluminescent Bay is eight miles away from Puerto Rico, a renowned beach resort packed with high-end and budget-friendly hotels, fancy restaurants, unique shops, and beautiful art galleries. Since 2003, the main focus of the authorities is to foster tourism to a great extent. From domestic to international travelers, the beach attracts tons of people every year. You can take some time from your life and plan an incredible trip to a heavenly place by making a Lufthansa booking. Make sure to book from authorized sources; you may be lucky enough to get exclusive offers and discounts. 


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