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100 easy things to do in the garden

Hello girls, today I invite you to discover in this article the 100 most beautiful ideas of easy things to do to decorate and beautify your garden creatively and uniquely according to your preferences. It goes without saying that by having taken the time to discover as many ideas as possible, we will have more choice and inspiration to select which garden decor design we want to adopt. That’s why I’ve put together the 100 prettiest DIY garden decor ideas here on one single page.

Have you always dreamed of finding ideas for cool things to try in your garden? But like a lot of ideas and only great ideas (in my opinion, of course)? Well, in this collection of ideas, I have put together for you the top 100 cool stuff ideas to try in your garden that I love the most out of all the ideas I see every day during. Kids Learn ABC For Preschool Learning Videos

I could have added a lot more, but a collection of more than 100 ideas may not be seen until the end, so I added only the 100 ideas that I prefer, as in each collection I make.

I hope you too will find new ideas for organizing the garden, ideas for plants and furniture for the garden that will give you creative ideas to do in your garden.

There are also ideas of garden designs and garden decorations that you are likely to like very much in the first image of this collection which is an original idea to arrange your garden.

To see the other ideas of the collection, go to the bottom of this page

Spiral planter ideas

In this article, you will discover several creative ways to design beautiful planters in the shape of spirals, among others, and also lots of great ideas and tutorials to learn how to make garden decorations whether in gabion, wood, or brick install- you comfortably continue viewing the ideas from this article and finally know which of these ideas interests you the most.

A tutorial to make a spiral planter with stones

Here is a very simple and fun tutorial to have a good time building something pretty in the garden. Whether it is yourself alone or with the help of a friend. You will be able to discover the steps to follow to obtain the same style of the planter. As in the last photo of the tutorial below.

To achieve this idea:

  1. Gather stones of medium size and the same size, prepare a nest with sand on the ground to accommodate your garden decor.
  2. Arrange your stones to give the first shape of your planter while starting to add soil in the center to maintain the base.
  3. Add stones to make the first floor of your stone planter.
  4. Continue by adding stones on a third floor to give your planter the final shape. You can add a fourth floor or leave only three floors depending on the configuration you want to adopt to make this garden decor.

A spiral flower pot decor

Did you like the spiral garden decor style and would like to try it out in other areas of the garden, like the very inside of a flower pot? Here is an idea that will certainly inspire you. Because of its originality and simplicity to achieve in just a few minutes.

To achieve this idea: You need to collect pieces of wood in the shape of a stick similar to those you can see in the example of the photo below. Prick your wooden chopsticks directly into the pot to give them the shape of a spiral.

A tip: You can then use a chisel to cut the upper end of the wooden sticks you have planted in a spiral shape in your pot and make sure that the top is at the same height in an aligned way. Use the tutorial below to follow the next steps.

Make a larger spiral planter.

Are you one of those lucky enough to have a bigger garden? And you would like to push the idea of ​​the spiral planter to make a bigger one? Here is a step-by-step tutorial that will suit you perfectly.

Here we will discover together how to design a superb spiral stone planter to accommodate all your most beautiful plants and flowers while giving a unique style to your garden, and all this without spending a fortune.

To realize this idea: Go to your garden, and choose the perfect location that will gladly accommodate your new large-format spiral planter. Then collect medium-sized stones of the same size you can also use bricks if you prefer. There are different shapes of bricks that might interest you and give this idea a unique style.

Then follow the steps in the tutorial below to find out the next steps to do to achieve the result.

Tip: you can add wet earth to the center from the start of construction to make the whole more solid if you already know the exact shape you want to give to your building.

Another spiral planter tutorial

Ideas for planters made with pieces of wood

A beautiful wooden garden border

Another style of spiral planter that won’t leave you indifferent

A planter designed and made from a recycled barrel.

A succulent planter made from a wooden wheel

Flower pots integrated directly into the ground.

An outline of a spiral-shaped tree with stones

A spiral gabion planter

A spiral planter pattern with bricks

A larger spiral planter with bricks

Other garden decor ideas to make with brick

Garden decor easy to make with a few flower pots

A mystical fairy garden made from a broken pot

A waterfall in the garden to have the most zen corner of the house

Decorate your garden path with stones in the shape of flowers

Gabion planters that you can make yourself

A giant planter made from bricks

Do you want to discover the other ideas I have found for you to make beautiful garden decorations? Allow a few minutes in front of you, and I invite you to discover together. The other ideas of easy things to do in your garden to decorate it. Embellish it or give it a unique custom touch.



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