7 Reasons to Use Flutter As An App Development Platform 


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Flutter was introduced by google in 2015 as a cross-platform app development framework. Flutter was released and launched in 2018. Developers have been talking about flutter app development for a very long. Well, it is not yet the best mobile SDK, but it is becoming more popular quickly.

Flutter can be used easily, also it has an extensive feature set. Here are some reasons that you may use for gaining popularity through flutter app development company.

7 Reasons to Use The Flutter App Development Platform

1) Easy to Use

Flutter allows the developers to use widgets, through these types of widgets the developer would be able to transform the code into a readable format. The widgets are very convenient to use because it allows the developers to see the code from the front. The time you spend on UI can be reduced with the help of flutter.

Flutter cross-platform app development platform is very versatile, and you can use the platform for building iOS and Android Platforms. Do you understand what means by this? Yes, it can save a lot of time and money too.

2) Support

Flutter provides a broad range of support, which means it is identified as the most stable platform for developers. The community associated with Flutter is very active, so if you are thinking of developing with flutter then you will have plenty of resources.

Most of the developers choose flutter as their cross-platform app development platform because it makes the low barrier entry to the Dart. if you are a developer and you have a tight budget, then my friend flutter is the perfect solution for you.

The behind-the-scenes community is very happy to help the growing community which is to develop with flutter.

3) Dart Programming

Dart programming is initially a language that is compiled into native code. Dart programming is an easy language to learn for developers. It also gives a significant performance advantage to the developer.

Using Flutter the developer will be able to build an application in 2 weeks if he/she is working on a single project. This thing can save a great amount of time for developers. Also, it gives time to consider the loopholes. it uses a special layout model called the silver layout model. The silver layout makes it fast enough when it comes to scrolling.

Dart programming with Flutter supports all major operating systems, six operating systems to be particular including iOS and Android.

4) Community

There are so many experienced people behind flutter which allows newcomers to learn and build flutter applications easily. The reason behind the popularity of Flutter is its community. Its large community gives a great opportunity to newcomers.

Flutter provides the option to change the UI without changing the code.

5) Open source community

Flutter is easy to collaborate with. Also, the open-source community of flutter is helping a lot of developers every day. There are thousands of developers contributing to it every day. If you are not familiar with the language then you can also get the help of the flutter community. The help and support is the most popular thing for flutter and also makes flutter more popular.

If you are starting with flutter, you might face some issues. But it is easy to learn and it is free. So it’s a double advantage.

6) Cross-platform app development (Flutter App Development)

The Flutter framework makes it possible to create cross-platform apps without sacrificing quality. The Flutter platform provides experiences that are nearly natural, unlike native programming. Therefore, there is no need for developers to create unique apps for several platforms. Flutter is a game-changer for app creators with this method. The abundance of widgets in Flutter makes it the perfect tool for creating apps. They are adjustable to various display and resolution sizes and are flexible.

7) Best platform for start-ups

Starting off with Flutter is simple. If you’re a startup, you can easily create your MVP for the least amount of money and effort. Your application may be swiftly prototyped thanks to its abundance of tools. Additionally, it is simple to construct a native version of the app if you need to. In addition, Flutter is simpler for beginners to use. You may use the same code for iOS and Android applications thanks to its developer community, which eliminates the need for coding.


If you are using flutter already then you already know the purpose of this article. But if you are not then as a developer you will find out how helpful it may be considered if you start using flutter from now on. It is very hard to find an open-source platform like a flutter to build your application.

These 7 reasons are very important if you are starting to develop an application using flutter. If you are intermediate and you are not aware of these things then you should be. You can Hire dedicated developers to reduce your cost and time.

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