7 Tips For Teaching Kids To Draw


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7 Tips For Teaching Kids To Draw

Almost all kids to draw are enjoying and love to draw, create fictional worlds and magical characters. But at some point, doubts may creep in that something may not work out, that they do not know how to draw, or they do it somehow wrong.

The task of the parents: to develop the child’s abilities and at the same time not discourage his desire to kids to draw.

Seven tips to keep your child’s love of drawing alive:

  1. Teach not to be afraid of an empty sheet

Parents need to preserve their ability not to be afraid of a blank sheet. The child should easily take on new things. It is common for all children at an early age, but the older the child, the more difficult it is for him to start and the more he is worried about the white sheet.

  1. Give your child not only colors but also freedom

When the child already knows how to hold objects in his hand, you need to invite him to draw. Usually, he quickly gets a taste and asks kids to draw constantly.

You need to offer different materials for work and never set specific tasks, for example: “Now the sun will draw.” In the drawing, you need to give complete freedom and encourage imagination.

  1. Don’t say how to draw “right.”

Sometimes parents expect results, techniques, and best practices from the child right away. For example, they want the kids to draw “beautifully,” which means realistic.

Some children like specifics and are happy to draw dogs or cats. Others completely go into abstraction, endowing it with their meanings.

  1. Do not compare with the “perfect” sample

If you draw a “right” dog and start comparing it to a child’s drawing, he will always see the difference. And he will consider that his drawing is “wrong.” You need to show cool drawings easy by different artists and say that you can draw a dog in dozens of more ways.

  1. Discuss what you have drawn

It is important not to evaluate but to discuss the child’s drawing. It is an excellent topic of conversation. Ask what is happening in his drawing.

“Well done” is a value judgment. Checkmark: “Oh, how beautiful, well done!” They praised, the child is happy, but the dialogue did not take place.

  1. Don’t be discouraged if the child stops drawing.

Not all children draw all the time. For some, a cool drawing idea is just a developmental stage. For example, some girls paint princesses. Then, they paint a little, and this is where their love for drawing fades away.

Children’s drawing is often mistaken for artistic talent. Then the desire for kids to draw disappears, and the parents get upset. It means that this activity is needed at this stage of development. Further, the child will master new ways of self-expression, knowledge of the world. Maybe drawing will come back – maybe not.

  1. Take your time with art school

Art school is accepted from about 11 years old, and this is the correct age. There is already a motivation to strive for something. The children themselves want to compete: who did better, drew more realistic and shaded the cube uniquely. It is the age when kids are engaged, and they can work. Until the age of 11, the most important thing is to preserve the child’s inner freedom, the absence of patterns and fears.


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