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Merle and Pat Butler of Bud-red, Illinois, are enjoying the video that is circulating the Internet. It’s not surprising, because in the video, Merle Retainer is holding a new check for more than $218 million. He or she was the last of the three winners to take home the $656 million Mega Millions lottery togel online arwanatoto prize, which set the record for the largest jackpot in the United States. history.


But almost all three winners were satisfied. But usually, food carriers are the only ones who transmit their smiles to the world. Maybe they like the way they look; we think they are very good sports, and they may have chosen to shut up the good news. However, unlike other champions, the Butlers had no choice in the matter. Illinois requires its lottery winners to put on a bright face at press conferences and even in other promotional appearances, unless they have a “compelling reason” not to do so. In fact, only half a dozen states — Kansas, Maryland, Delaware, Michigan, North Dakota and even Ohio — allow lottery winners to remain anonymous. Meanwhile, two other Mega Millions winners are from Kansas and Baltimore. In Situs Toto, a cartel opposes the winner of Kansas. The Maryland ticket belonged to three local school officials, who, like food vendors, used a new check, but they did this while holding the check, which was made out to “Three Amigos,” something that was A few inches from their face. Thirty-seven other states that operate lotteries, including the District of Columbia, differ in the level of marketing they require from winners. Some, like Illinois State, insist on pulling the winners on camera, while others display the winners’ logos and let the media follow suit. In some places, including Colorado, Connecticut and Vermont, winners can avoid that spot by setting up a trust or limited liability company to collect the money. But at least one state, Oregon, expressly prohibits the practice. I think this strategy would also work well with claims that require a complaint forum. Regardless of our location and the quality of the company, trust and small companies that pay are famous without a picture. On its website, the Illinois Lottery offers the following to meet the requirements of the winners: “Winning a multi-million dollar business requires attending a one-time seminar, but we always respect your privacy wishes to the extent possible. “Illinois Lottery Administrator Michael Smith told The Associated Press that regardless of the stated policy, the lottery operates and winners want to keep their privacy. However, he warned that “a journalist who does something will eventually find out who this person is. ” (1) Missouri, one of those who say that they do not want a push conference but actually publish the names of the winners, and advise the winning trades that they can choose to just complete they don’t need 15 minutes of notice, because “If you choose not to hold a press conference, the media can still try to contact you at your home or at work. ”


When you talk about “triggers” for not having a special title, Illinois seems to have something like a blocking law in mind. But in my opinion, almost everyone has good reasons for not being able to spread personal wealth information, especially media reports announcing sudden and unexpected success. him. Dennis Wilson, executive director of the Kansas Lottery, said the state’s Mega Millions winner chose to remain anonymous “for obvious reasons that many people will consider.” » (2)


There is often what is known as the “lottery curse”, which results from big winners describing themselves as broke once their friends and family are questioned and they become businessmen. very demanding. About nine out of 10 big winners lose their windfall within five years, according to a Sarasota study of financiers and a Stanford University study of lottery winners, both provided by Reuters. While some lottery winners are smart enough to hire well-known lawyers and even financial advisors, others do not, and in addition to finding themselves wondering what the requirements are they may not fixed.


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