Best Java Frameworks for Cloud Native Application Development


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Cloud application development is trending and every business is making a move to cloud platform to stay competitive in digital operations. If you are a startup or a recognized brand, you must follow this popular trend as this the future of business applications. In this blog post, we will discuss the Java Frameworks for Cloud Native in 2022. The trend has become quite important to meet the ever-changing demands of users and market behavior.

Introduction to Cloud Computing

In simple terms, “cloud” is related to the platforms that are basically implemented for distributed computing. Also considered as on-demand computing, it supports the internet to compute by using the shared processing resources.

For instance, when you are looking for some stuff on the internet or accessing emails, you are basically availing resources from cloud. Such requests are remotely processed from the backend using cloud technology and are not known to the users as well.

Java Frameworks for Cloud Native Application Development

  1. AWS SDK

Amazon includes all the requisite tools, documentation, and sample codes to develop a scalable, secure, and robust Java app. For example, the developers implement Eclipse Java IDE to initiate the SDK from the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse. It is basically a plug-in for the IDE that helps with the development, deployment and debugging of Java apps, with the use of AWS.


This is a platform available from Oracle Cloud. With the availability of Oracle Java Cloud Service, the Oracle WebLogic Server domain is smoothly configured that supports in setting up the Java EE application environment.

If you hire Java Developers they have the feature to select environments while developing an Oracle Java Cloud Service. The environments are developed for robust requirements comprising staging & production, acceptance testing, or development.


It is easy to build, maintain, and scale applications with the support of Google App Engine. The application adapts itself with the change in data storage & traffic needs.

Standard Java cloud apps are smoothly deployed in App Engine with the support of Server code. The code access port and the App Engine by default scale with the growth in the incoming traffic. Micro-services, SQL & NoSQL databases, authorization, versioning, load balancing, and traffic splitting, are natively supported and easily customized.


It is a managed container system based PaaS platform integrated with a robust ecosystem and data services. Heroku tool is perfect to deploy & execute modern apps. It implements an app-centric process coupled with latest developer tools and workflows for software delivery.

With Heroku, Java apps are simply scaled and deployed within the cloud. Standard libraries with app servers comprise Jetty or Tomcat are supported. Heroku supports Java development services to smoothly build things the way they want using the tools they love.


Jelastic is an acronym offered to Java Elastic. Providing apps with automatic horizontal & vertical scaling, it is an infinite PaaS & container-based IaaS merged within a single platform. Not only it comprises the key elements of IaaS but also includes features of an advanced PaaS. It is widely used to host service providers across the globe & benefit the enterprises by providing a top-notch turnkey cloud environment. The service is easily availed at a much lower rate than the existing virtualization solutions.

Wrapping Up:

Let’s hope that this blog has every set of information related to the development of cloud application using Java. As a platform-independent & portable programming language, Java is the most popular language to be deployed for cloud-based applications. If you are looking to build a highly optimized applications, you can avail Java cloud application development services. They have all the resources to build the best quality cloud application for your business growth.


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