Best Mindful Eating Techniques For Overall Wellness

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Are you gulping down food without even thinking about it? Well, guess what! Not just you’ll become obese but also lose the sensation of eating. 2011 reports by the US’s Agricultural Department say that on average, every person spends about two and a half hour eating food. However, out of that, most of the time he or she is engaged in some other work at hand. It has lead to the tsunami of obesity in America alone that had now become a national issue. However, you can walk a different path by inculcating various mindful eating techniques in your life.

Before you get into different mindful eating techniques, let’s first have a better understanding of mindful eating. Further, learn about how is it different from mindless eating. Then, make sure you check various mindful eating techniques for overall wellness. Read on.

What is Mindful Eating?

The art of mindfulness concerns being present in the current moment. It further considers the acknowledgment of feelings, emotions, and various sensations going on in your mind. When this idea is implemented in eating, it becomes mindful eating.

From being aware of how you eat to what you eat, mindful eating has a much deeper significance than you can imagine. It is about truly paying attention to whatever you are eating. From preparation to consumption, mindful eating intervenes into every little dimension of eating.

Mindless Eating vs Mindful Eating

Do you watch television while eating food? Well, that counts as mindless eating. The act of engaging with different tasks while you eat food comes under the act of mindless eating. On the other side, mindful eating makes you aware of the littlest detail about what is present on your plate.

When a person is eating mindlessly, he or she does not care about how does a particular food feels like. There are no emotions or feelings involved. Moreover, it is more about filling the stomach rather than knowing how it feels to have food in the belly after a long time.

However, a person practicing mindful eating knows how to eat, chew, or prepare food. Not just that, he or she is in constant touch with what goes within him or her while eating.

No matter what you have been doing since now, there is always a scope for change. Great yoga practitioners talk about the incorporation of mindfulness into their everyday lives. Being it eating or living, mindfulness becomes a part of their lives. To know how do they do it, you can head on to a yoga retreat or join a yoga class. Just make sure you go with the Yoga Alliance certification courses only for true yoga knowledge.

Top Mindful Eating Techniques

Let’s have a better insight into different mindful eating techniques for the best results in the least possible time. Read on.

Engage Your Senses

The joys of eating overcome you when you engage your mind, heart, and other senses while eating or preparing to eat. For the engagement of the senses, you need to slow down. Don’t just attack your food, rather, have some courtesy to pay attention to whatever are you eating.

Prepare Environment For Eating

All the hustle-bustle around you, while you prepare to eat, makes it impossible to practice mindful eating. Even the term ‘wanna grab a bite’ depicts the hurry in which you are eating. Hence, the best mindful eating techniques consist of a calm and peaceful environment. That way, you can focus more on what you eat rather than spending time chatting with others.

Say a Prayer

In various yogic and Ayurvedic practices, uttering prayers before and after a meal is religiously practiced. It is done to offer gratitude for the food and connecting you to the higher realm while eating. Also, saying prayers connects you with your inner being that improves your digestion.

Have a Balanced Diet

Make sure you include all six tastes in your diet. With that, your tongue is going to taste sour, salty, sweet, pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes that help you become mindful. Hence, it will act as a guide map for other tastes in your life. Moreover, with the inclusion of all these tastes, your body gets proper nourishment. It further helps in proper digestion and faster metabolism of your body.

Eat Smaller Bites

Smaller bites are one of the best mindful eating techniques that you should follow diligently. Smaller bites are easier to chew. Moreover, they don’t fill your tummy instantly. Rather, you taste better since saliva is mixed properly into your food. Further, smaller bites ensured you do not gulp food down mindlessly or in a hurry.

Chew Properly

Chewing plays a major role in how properly you eat food. For instance, if you chew your food a little, your food is broken down into bigger lumps that require more time to digest. Moreover, it becomes difficult to pass larger bite-size down your throat. However, when you chew properly, your food is broken and pressed under your teeth for a longer time. It makes it semi-solid which makes it easier to digest. Yoga practitioners are encouraged to chew food at least 30 times before gulping it down.

Get Rid of Distractions

Various distractions could be television, chatting with others, fiddling with a smart gadget, and much more. When you eat and are engaged in other things, it leads to mindless eating that hampers your health. Hence, to eat mindfully, you should remove all the distractions from your life.


In the beginning, eating mindfully might seem like a lot of work. You might also want to get back to your routine. However, do not give up. Just keep practicing until it becomes a permanent part of your life. In any case, if you need help, you should approach expert yoga masters. They will teach you how to incorporate mindfulness into your life.

Also, if you are a little reluctant at joining a yoga course, a yoga retreat is always an option out there. Just make sure you choose the best yoga retreat in India to have a genuine, true, and authentic yoga experience. Over time, different mindful eating techniques will seep into your life that will improve your physical and mental health.


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