Best Places To Go For New Year In The USA


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It is that time of the year again. The cities are lit up, dressed up like a princess, and the excitement of the people is top-notch. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s the holiday season! Christmas is around the corner, and 2021 is about to end, and this clearly calls for a vacation. Why not fly to the US with Lufthansa Booking and be a part of some of the best New Year’s Eve parties in the world.

The most awaited time of the year has to be spent in the cities widely known for their parties and nightlife, and where else you can find them except in the US. from New York City to Las Vegas, you can choose from some of the most thrilling options. We have jotted down all the amazing options you have to spend the best New year’s eve in the US for you.

New York City is the most visited city during the holiday season. This charismatic city organizes some of the world’s best New Year parties. Every corner is decorated so beautifully that you will fall in love with it right away. Not to mention, Times Square is a must-visit. The best celebration is put together at Times Square every New Year. You will get to enjoy amazing fireworks around the ceremonial ball that they lower down at this time. Along what that, you can become a part of the New Year parties organized all around Brooklyn and enjoy the view.

  • Las Vegas

How can you not visit the city of parties and clubs during the holiday season? Las Vegas is set to throw the best parties all around the year but near New Year’s this place becomes magical. The Strip road gets blocked for the traffic and is embellished for the eve. Parties, shows, drinks, food, casinos, and everything you can imagine are available for you here. The streets are jam-packed with thousands of people visiting from all around the world to be a part of the best New Year’s party. Get along with the guests of the city and have a blast!

  • New Orleans: USA

Yet another party in the US is New Orleans. With the perfect weather and welcoming crowd, the city provides the best settings to enjoy the last day of the year. Clubs and bars are open till the next morning, and people are found enjoying drinks all around the city. When in New Orleans, head to Jackson Square to enjoy music, dance, drinks, and food with hundreds of people. Later at night, take a walk to Bourbon street and soak in the beautifully decorated clubs and bars.

  • Los Angeles

This city is home to Hollywood and celebrities. We can assure you that no night here is boring, but during the holiday season, you get to be a part of an exclusive version of Los Angeles. The best party in the city is organized at Grand Park. The entire street is lined up with food trucks serving hot, delicious, finger-licking food, live music by some of the best local musicians, and a fun-loving crowd. Another fantastic celebration is held every year at the Union Station, with burlesque dancers, jazz music, and an open bar. Later, visit the Queen Mary to put a perfect end to the year and start afresh.

  • Chicago: USA

If you love winters and want to spend a chilly New year’s celebration in style with boots and over-coats on, go to Chicago. The weather might gt out of hand, but the city sure did know how to throw the best parties for singles, couples, and families. Navy Pier is the right spot for the New Year blast. Just as the clock hits 12, the city bursts the best fireworks all around the city. You will find beautifully carved ice sculptures, live music, fun games, and thrilling rides at the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is decorated with lights at each corner.

  • Washington D.C

The city of royalty has a lot to offer when it comes to the holiday season. Christmas lights have just gone own, and the excitement of the New Year is filled in the air. You must find parties, clubs, and bars in the entire US, but here you will find balls. The most royal, sophisticated parties are thrown all across the city for the visitors. Along with that, you will also get to try their platers and dishes which you might not find anywhere else in the country. You can also attend parties in neighboring cities like Maryland and Alexandria.

  • Miami: USA

It is always a good idea to spend your holidays in the southernmost part of Florida. Fontainebleau Resort in the city knows how to throw the best party on New Year’s eve. With entertainment like nowhere else, music that will leave you moving, and food that you wouldn’t want to stop eating, this resort is known for its New Year’s bash. The city blows up colorful and gorgeous fireworks as soon as the clock strikes midnight, and we welcome another year with open arms.

  • Dallas: USA

Dallas is a place to have the best family vacation this holiday season. You will find every type of party here. If you like to enjoy some amazing cocktails, then they have the best celebrations at various bars. If you are visiting with family, you can be a part of the parties at multiple parks and restaurants. In case you are an early bird and want to have a daytime celebration, head to the Dallas Arboretum. To get the best view of the fireworks, you can climb to the rooftop of Saint Rocco. You can also enjoy the scenic view from Trinity Overlook Park.

To have the best New Year bash this time, the US has a lot of places for you to visit. With the most gorgeous decor, amazing food, ad wild parties, you can not ask for anything more. We recommend you make your reservations with Lufthansa Booking option on their website in advance before everything gets booked and you have to spend the eve on your couch alone.

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