Best Things to Do in Garden Grove


Garden Grove is one of California’s most beautiful cities. A visit to this place will transport you to a comfortable and beautiful fantasy. Locals refer to this city as “Seaside Heaven in Calfornia.” If you are in California for a vacation, make sure to stop at Garden Grove. It is one of California’s nicest seaside communities. The easiest way to reach Garden grove is by visit United Airlines Book a flight option on their website, and make reservations. You may unwind o the beach with your family and friends. It has never failed to provide travelers with an unforgettable experience. Garden Grove is one of the best weekend vacation destinations, with plenty of things to do. We have jotted down a list of the ten best things to do in Garden Grove for you.

Historic Main Street

If you are fond of history and historical findings, then you must visit Historic Main Street in Garde Grove. The street not only has museums but cathedrals, churches, and ancient buildings in their original findings. The area that lies between Garden Grove and Acacia Parkway is famous for all the antique gift and fashion stores. You can take along a souvenir for your loved ones that are related to the history of California. You can also give your tongue a taste of Calfornia delights from numerous cafes and restaurants in this area.

Atlantis Park

Atlantis Park is one of the best places to be when you visit Garden Grove. This place is tiny heaven for anyone who loves natural surroundings. The park is not only tourists’ favorite but is also equally loved by the locals. If you are visiting Garden Grove with your better half, this place has a special spot for you where you two can get a quiet time together with an amazing view. Along with that, here is a play zone for kids and youngsters that your kid would love.

Crystal Cathedral

If you are in Garden Grove, you can’t miss Crystal Cathedral. This cathedral is a one-in-a-kind structure and immensely beautifully built-in 1981. Locals have great belief in this place, and Crystal Cathedral Ministries own it. The cathedral got its name because it is made with glass that reflects and shines during the daytime. The cathedral can hold up to 3,000 admirers at a time and holds the Hazel Wright Memorial Organ, one of the world’s biggest musical instruments in the universe.

Garden Grove Strawberry Festival

The best time to visit Gaden Grove is during Memorial Day weekend. This is when the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival happens here every year. Almost 2,50,000 tourists attend this festival every year, and hence this is the biggest event that takes place in the western part of the United States. The festival takes us back to the time of 1958 and shows regard to the famous agricultural produce such as strawberries, walnuts, peppers, and orange.

Festival Amphitheater

If you want to get a closer look at the culture of Garden Grove, you should come to the Festival Amphitheater. Along with that, people who love the work of Shakespeare will have an experience of a lifetime. There are various shows and performances dedicated completely to Shakespeare, produced by the theater. Keep an eye on the listing of the theatre to know the timing of performances. Other than Shakespearian shows, you can also catch a musical concert, dramas based on other writers, and dance events.

A.R Super Market

A big part of Garden Grove’s population includes Asian people. If you want to try some of the best Korean food at great prices, you must come to A.R. Super Market. You will find a wide range of Korean delights, and Korean Deli is an ideal place to have lunch or take away some of the best quickies from Korean cuisine. You can also relax in Garden Grove’s beautiful parks and have your lunch there.

United Methodist Church

One of the main reasons why tourists love to visit Garden Grove is because of all the beautifully structured churches that they can explore in the city. The oldest church in the town is the United Methodist Church is a must-visit. The church has been in operation for over 140 years and is still maintained very well. You can also take a service when you visit Garden Grove by the church.

Southern California Indian Center

Southern California Indian center preserves the American Indians history of South America. Hence, if you want to know the culture and history of the Indians of the country, visit this center. May exhibits are organized by the center that depicts the story of their community. You can also grab a tribal newspaper here at the center.

Village Green Park

Just like the name suggests, this park has everything in the theme of green color. Along with all the trees and plants, the rides, swings, and everything you see here has a hint of color. This is the oldest park in Garden Grove and is loved by the locals. If you want to spend some peaceful time with your family, come to Village Green Park. You can also come here and have a small picnic on the fresh, green grass of the park. If you wish to, bring along a blanket and enjoy the scenic views of the beautiful sky and enjoy the weather while munching o your favorite snack.

Van Bakery

Since you know now that the city has a population of almost half of the Asian people including Chinese, Korean ad Vietnamese. They are widely known for their baking skills. Go to the Vietnamese bakery, Van Bakery, to try out freshly brewed coffee and bakery goods right out of the oven. The specialties of the bakery are pastries, cakes, pies, and puffs. To try something different, order bubble tea, which is made with bubbles in tapioca ball form.

Garden Grove is a beautiful city in California. It is not known to many, but it is definitely worth your time. You will hardly need a weekend to get the best out of the city and to visit there; all you need to do is go to the website of United Airlines and head to United Airlines Book a flight option on the top left corner, enter your details and book your tickets.

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