Best Way to Earn Money from YouTube


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Best Way to Earn Money from YouTube – YouTube is a platform where people share videos and in this way, any person in the world can watch them free of cost from anywhere and can take their entertainment or information.

If you want to earn money from YouTube, then read all these steps one by one and follow all the steps mentioned here.

Best Way to Earn Money from YouTube

earn money on youtube

Step 1. Create your own YouTube channel

Whenever you open YouTube, after searching for videos, you will see many videos, then know that all of them are made by different people and they all have their channel.

  • To upload content in it, it is very important that you have to create a channel. Creating a YouTube channel is not a difficult task but it is very easy.
  • First of all, you have to understand which topic you want to create content on, on according to that you have to keep the name of the channel. 
  • Which best describes your category.
  • Along with this, you have to create a logo and channel art for your channel or say that you can make a banner of your channel, you can do all these things later but do it.
  • As I have already told that this platform has now become a part of Google, so it is very easy to create a channel in it. All you need is a Gmail account to create a channel.
  • The Gmail account of an Android user is already created, you can create a channel using the same.

Step 2. Create and upload a good quality video

If you want to become a YouTuber, then create and upload good quality content. Everyone likes good things.

Create such content which helps people and if you have talent related to entertainment then make content related to that. Some people work in the wrong way and think that they will earn money.

But by working in the wrong way, one can walk for a few days but cannot be successful. That’s why to Everyone make only original and fresh content.

  • Once the idea of ​​creating content comes, consider yourself a visitor and watch the video you make, and understand whether you liked the content you made yourself.
  • If you liked the video then many people might also like it.
  • When the content is completed, then upload it by opening your channel.
  • Be sure to write a good title, description, and tags in the middle of uploading. 
  • Write in full detail about the content created by you in the description, it gives a good rank to your videos.
  • Install YouTube buddy extension for google chrome or Mozilla browser. This will help you a lot.
  • Make sure to make a nice thumbnail for each of your videos, this attracts viewers to your video.

In this way, after completing all the work, you upload your content.

Step 3. Following Rules

Read YouTube Policies, Copyright, and Community Guideline completely. Keep in mind that never upload someone else’s video. Make your this money, for content this money, to and do not use others’ videos as far as possible, then your channel will be safe.

According to its stated policy, understand every rule and follow it.

Do not shoot arrows in the dark. There are some rules everywhere, so you too must follow all the terms and conditions of this. Never use other’s music in your videos. Otherwise, if your channel finds any strike then all your hard work will go in vain.

Read all the given steps completely, if you work with knowledge of everything, then there will never be any problem.

Step 4. Monetize the Video

Here we aim to earn money from YouTube, but the question arises that where does this money come from?

So the answer is that there are many ways in which you earn money through content. But I will tell only about Google AdSense here, you will read about the rest of the methods at the end of this post.

Once you start uploading content to YouTube, you also start getting views in it. These views tell us how many times people have seen our videos. According to the monetization policy, a criterion has been laid that when you complete it, then you can monetize your videos and earn money from YouTube.

  • Youtube Monetization Criteria
  • Subscribers: 1000, View time: 4000 Hours

You will not be able to apply for Google AdSense until your channel has 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of view time of videos.

Google AdSense is the part of Google that monetizes the publisher by advertising for their website, YouTube channel, and mobile apps and then make payment for the ads.

When you put good quality content, it is not a difficult task to achieve it, you just have to keep adding good content ie videos regularly.

Step 5. Finally, you can take payment from YouTube

This is our final step, that is, we get the result of our hard work when we get money for working in YouTube. But before this, there are some steps which have to be completed.

  • For example, when $ 10 is deposited in your Google AdSense account, then Google AdSense sends a post to verify your address.
  • In which the pin of AdSense is there. For this, you have to fill in the correct address in your Google AdSense account.
  • When you get the letter, then open the AdSense account and verify the address by entering the PIN in it.
  • After this, we also have to enter our bank account details.
  • To enter all the details of your bank account correctly because your payment will be transferred to this bank account.
  • After this, when we complete $ 100 in our account, then Google transfers this money to our account.
  • Minimum Withdrawal Amount – 100 $

You can learn the best video editing courses and become a professional YouTuber… You can also do a digital marketing course in Delhi, and do marketing of your channel and videos, so that it will be easy to become famous… You just have to work continuously by creating good quality content and also have a little patience. Then you will definitely be able to earn money from YouTube. 

I hope now you must have understood well what is the Best Way to Earn Money from YouTube? With this, we have given you information on how to earn money from YouTube. It is my wish that every person in India should earn well and live a good life. If you have any question you can comment on …

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