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Contemporary Modern Wallpaper Designs

by Sara Oscar
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I am sure you are thinking the same thing. Are there still people who use modern wallpaper for decorating their house?

Modern Wallpaper

Modern interior design comes with expectations. It is possible to expect many neutral colors simple lines, and minimalist accessories. The modern design may seem uninteresting. However, thanks to wallpaper designers Modern does not need to be dull.

What is Modern Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a print with a design that you can apply to the walls of your business or home. It’s a very popular material that you can utilize not just as walls, but also in ceilings, cabinet interiors as well as redesigning furniture artwork, furniture, and many more. Wallpaper is an excellent option that will add massive aesthetic appeal to any space.

How to Prepare Walls for Wallpaper?

You’ve chosen your wallpaper and you’re all set to put it displayed on your walls. First, you’ll need to clean the walls in order so that you can apply the wallpaper easily and efficiently. The first step is to prepare the walls by taking off hooks, screws, or outlet covers. Create a smooth wall as you can by filling in all the holes, then sanding to eliminate any large bumps. For more info visit Furniture shops Sunderland

In the next step, you’ll need to clean the walls to get rid of dust. Use the soap and warm water, some vinegar, and a towel to wipe the floor. Then, you should prime the wall before applying wallpaper since it can remove humidity from the wallpaper paste that was used to put on the wallpaper.

How Many Rolls of Wallpaper Do I Need For a Room?

If you’re purchasing wallpaper, you shouldn’t purchase too many, but you need enough for the walls of your house. Three elements determine the amount of wallpaper you’ll need:

The dimensions of the wall or other object that you’re covering.

The size of the roll.

The repeating pattern.

It is possible to calculate the dimensions for each wall simply by taking the length and the high of the wall. Multiply the measurements of each wall, then add them up to calculate the square feet total area. Be sure to not calculate the doors and windows of each wall, to ensure that you have enough wallpaper.

Wallpaper is available in rolls that measure 20.5 inches wide by 16.5 feet. They will comprise more than 28 square feet. You’ll require more or less, depending on the pattern repeat.

What Glue to Use For Wallpaper

Certain wallpapers require a specific paste for putting it onto the wall. The surface of the wall also influences the type of glue you’ll have to apply. It is possible to purchase ready-to-mix wallpaper paste at almost every store. It is also possible to find liquid adhesive at a reliable manufacturer. It is essential to use the adhesive under instructions. Some other kinds of wallpaper glue are:

Standard adhesive – A great option for heavy or light wallpapers made of paper. The special adhesive is ideal for wallpapers with heavyweights such as vinyl, wood, or textures.

Textile adhesive: You can make use of it by itself or combine the glue with others to create metal, textiles, and industrial wallpapers.

Adhesive for non-wovens – Attaches apple directly on the wall, and is specifically made for wallpapers with non-woven. Machine adhesive is a specific glue for wallpapering machines. Dispersion adhesive is a ready-to-use polymer or synthetic adhesive that is used for waterproof and heavy wallpapers.

Can You Put Wallpaper on Textured Walls

It isn’t easy applying wallpaper to the wall with texture however, it is possible to get it accomplished. Darker and thicker papers are better at covering the texture. You’ll probably require more adhesive to finish the job. But, lighter papers and colors work in some situations. In reality, you may notice that the imperfection and texture appear better than you thought.

How to Remove Wallpaper From Wall

To take wallpaper off You must determine whether you’re pulling it off of drywall or plaster before beginning. There is a chance that you’ll end up wetting the wallpaper to get it removed however, you could cause damage to the drywall when it is too wet.

For the material, you’ll need:



Putty knife


Remove wallpaper strippable using:

Utilize the putty knife lift the corner of the wallpaper then use your hands to remove the wallpaper from the wall.

Then, wash the walls.

Get rid of wallpapers with traditional designs by:

Mix hot water with a wallpaper stripping solution in an aerosol bottle. Spray the wall.

Allow the solution to rest and soak for some time.

Then, start scraping wallpaper with the help of a putty knife. Work to the upper wall.

After the wallpaper is removed, clean the walls by using soap and water. This will get rid of any leftovers.

The Most Popular Modern Wallpaper Design Ideas

Modern wallpapers can bring some color into your decor without having to sacrifice the modern style you prefer. Check out these contemporary wallpapers designed for contemporary decorators. get inspired to choose the perfect contemporary wallpaper for your home.

Textured Modern Wallpaper

Modern abstract textured wallpaper

If you’re trying to make your bathroom clutter-free it is natural to look at flooring, walls, and even the things that require texture to create interest. Select a neutrally colored wallpaper with many textures. Simple wallpapers will help create a cohesive space after you’ve finished designing.

Modern pattern wallpaper

Do you want the uniform look of your contemporary bedroom? Select a simple two-tone design on your walls. You can also have it spread across your ceiling too. It will appear as if it’s always meant to be there.

Tiny Patterned

When something seems tiny, you only glance at it, not paying attention to the details. By covering your walls with small patterns adding texture, you are not realizing that you are adding the substance.

Sutro architects

It’s widely known that abstract wallpapers are perfectly appropriate for contemporary homes. So why not wallpaper your walls in a modern art-inspired wallpaper? It’ll make you feel as if you’ve utilized every inch of your space in your favor.

Modern dining room gray pattern wallpaper

Perhaps you need a contemporary wallpaper that is also cozy and welcoming to families. In this case, opt for all gray. A gray-colored pattern can appear stylish and trendy, but adding a hue to your walls will add some zing.

Mid Century Modern Wallpaper

If you’re trying to build a modern house from an old-fashioned one there are various issues. In particular, how do you combine classical architecture with contemporary style? Wallpaper can be a help by choosing a pattern that blends classic patterns with the modern-day color or texture.

Abstract modern bathroom floral wallpaper

What are your thoughts on floral patterns? You’ll be pleased to learn that floral wallpapers aren’t completely out of fashion. There are many flower-themed wallpapers with an abstract design that can fit in your contemporary home.

Pink Marbled

Pink gold marble wallpaper for girl bedroom wallpaper


It’s a fact that marble is always contemporary and timeless. If you’re looking for a playful and modern wallpaper for your child’s room, choose a patterned marble that is colored. It’ll blend in seamlessly with your modern house while also being an enjoyable space for your kids.

Marbled Scalloped Wallpaper

It is possible to locate a classic design in an abstract hue, or mixed patterns, like the marbled marbling wallpaper. The pattern’s blending will take the viewer by surprise and is a great way to contrast with the modern elements of your room.


You can’t match the timeless black and white. Simple things are best when you opt for a design that is abstract contemporary and classic in one wall.

Geometric Design

Modern geometric wallpaper for the foyer with rainbows


Of course, if are drawn to color contemporary homes, you will be able to accommodate it. Make sure the pattern you choose for your wallpaper is modern similar to the geometric designs above, and you’ll never be wrong.

Modern Textured Wallpaper

You’ll love a nice navy wallpaper. It’s pretty neutral and you’ll be able to manage with a basic texture navy wallpaper in your contemporary space. If you’re not sure go with a bold wall to change the look.

Gold Modern Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Who would not want some gold? With a patterned wallpaper with a rich color that your room will appear luxurious and costly and all that is required is one wallpaper.

Modern floral wallpaper

Do you have your heart set on the romantic look of roses but you’re unwilling to sacrifice your fashion? Opt for wallpapers with large-sized printed flowers for the feminine look, while remaining within the contemporary boundaries.

Modern Black Wallpaper


If you’re looking to stick in a modern, minimalist color scheme, you may nevertheless add a wallpaper that’s black and black. The subtle pattern adds some interest but without being distracting.

Is Wallpaper Cheaper Than Paint?

The price of painting as compared to. wallpaper differs based according to a variety of factors, including design, supplies, and installation. Keep in mind that the design, quality as well as removal as well as paint can affect the expense too. Wallpaper and paint can cost around the same amount when you consider the materials you will require for painting and the amount of wallpaper you require for walls.

How to Get Wallpaper Glue Off Wall

The removal of wallpaper from your walls isn’t easy. Even after you think you’re done there’s still a lot of glue for wallpaper. Fortunately, you don’t require any special skills or expensive tools for removing wallpaper. The first step is to move all of the furniture from the walls, and cover the floor. Wallpaper removal can get messy. Mix the soap and hot water (you may include baking soda or vinegar) and spread the solution on an area of wallpaper glue. When the glue has softened then use a putty knife and a piece of cloth to scrape off and clean the glue.

If the glue is adhered to the wall look into using a wallpaper remover. Then, you can refinish the furniture or prepare the walls for painting after the glue is removed from the wall.

Can You Sand Wallpaper Glue Off?

If the glue on your wallpaper is hard to remove it is possible to sand the glue using 100 grit sandpaper. You may get some rough spots that you will need to fill with the drywall mud to fix the spots.

Do Peel and Stick Wallpaper Damage Walls?

Wallpapers that peel and stick (aka removable wallpaper) come with tack adhesives making them simple to remove from walls. But, it’s important to prepare the wall before applying the wallpaper so that the removal process is easy. You can prepare your walls by cleaning them and applying primer. No company can ensure 100% safe wallpaper due to many factors.

How Much Wallpaper Do I Need For One Wall?

The first step is to determine the square space on the wall. The area can be calculated by taking measurements of the width and height of the wall and then adding those two numbers up. Then you will have the total area that you have to be able to. The majority of rolls have between 25 and 28 sq feet of wallpaper. Consider the total square footage of your room divided by 25. This will give you the number of rolls of wallpaper you will need to cover your wall. To get more interior design tips visit Furniture stores Sunderland

How to Measure a Wall For Wallpaper

All you require is a tape measurement and a calculator to measure the wall. The first step is to determine the height of that is, the ceiling to the floor or baseboard. Next, you’ll have to take measurements of the width, from corner to corner. After that, you’ll need to multiply the two numbers to calculate the total size of the wall. It is possible to use this number to determine the number of sheets of wallpaper you require.

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