Depression and Workers’ Compensation


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An extremely important consideration in a workers’ compensation claim at The Law Offices of Gallner and Pattermann, PC can be depression. Chronic pain, a loss of function in specific tasks, a lost income, and job loss may follow a work injury that causes permanent damage, where a physician has given a rating. These problems are frequent causes of psychosocial stressors, which can lead to depression in one form or another. Depression itself can impact mood, drive, memory, a sense of worthlessness, hunger, inability to find enjoyment in life, sleep disorders, and suicidal thoughts. Since chronic pain can result in a number of the same problems as depression, it can often be difficult to distinguish between the two. It is common for an injury to cause chronic pain and depression to set in, and the two illnesses interact to exacerbate the situation.

Sadly, depression is frequently ignored. Few, if any, medical professionals spend time on conditions like depression instead of concentrating on the injury itself. In a workers’ compensation claim, it is typical for the ailment to be addressed, assessed for permanent effects, and the claim to be deemed over. Depression must be identified and treated, though. A family doctor is frequently the first place to seek therapy since they are more likely to listen to your problems and spend time with you. It is crucial to explain the situation to the workers’ compensation carrier in order to request authorization for care if the family doctor advises treatment. If you have insurance, your health insurance provider may cover the cost of your care if your authorization request is rejected.

A workers’ compensation claim may be significantly affected by depression. Depression can hinder an injured worker’s capacity to conduct a gainful job, which can dramatically increase the compensation amount due to an injured employee when combined with the actual job injury. Depression may cause a scheduled claim for a job injury to become unscheduled, allowing for a substantial increase in payments due.

How a workers’ compensation lawyer can assist?

To settle a workers’ compensation claim, depression might be a highly important problem. It is frequently disregarded. Depression may develop if your workers’ compensation claim involves a persistent disability that causes continuous pain. Unless a certified doctor diagnoses depression, it is unlikely that the workers’ compensation insurance provider will offer much help, and even then, they might not take responsibility. Without the assistance of a skilled and experienced lawyer with these matters, these complicated difficulties are unlikely to be appropriately addressed.


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