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DevOps is usually thought of as a philosophical or a collaborative IT culture, not a clearly defined job description or set of skills. Because the subject is vast, DevOps positions suit IT generalists more than specialists.

The job that is played by a DevOps engineer does not lie on the same career path. Professionals can be hired into the job with a wide range of backgrounds. For instance, software developers can acquire skills in operations including the configuration of hosting infrastructure to be the DevOps engineer. In the same way, a systems administrator with programming and scripting experience, along with testing, can be a DevOps engineer.

A lot of DevOps jobs require cloud, container, and CI/CD skills in addition to soft capabilities. A DevOps engineer may also require modifying processes and resolving organizational issues to improve business goals.

Other titles commonly found in DevOps organizations are the following:

  • infrastructure developer;
  • Site reliability engineer;
  • Engineer for release and build;
  • full-stack developer;
  • Automation specialist and
  • CI/CD platform engineer.

Most jobs in the entry-level DevOps positions require a degree in computer science, or another related field that deals with programming, testing for QA, and IT infrastructure elements. The higher-level positions might require advanced education in systems architecture or software design. Candidates for this type of career should further their education through DevOps textbooks and meet fellow members of the community via blog posts and events.

There are no recognized industrywide DevOps Certification like those formalized frameworks, such as ITIL. IBM Red Hat offers DevOps certification, as well as DevOps Institute, which has vendor-neutral choices to help you move from the foundational expertise to advanced.

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