Divorce: Why It’s More Common Than You Think?


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The idea of divorce can be scary, and it’s natural to want to avoid the situation entirely. However, if you’re facing divorce, it’s best to get informed and prepared so that you can move through it as smoothly as possible and emerge with the least amount of negative impact on your life possible. A divorce lawyer with Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC explains how common divorce really is and how to cope with it when it happens to you or someone close to you. 

What is divorce?

Divorce, also called dissolution of marriage, is a legal process that ends a marriage. The only way to get a divorce in Florida and throughout most of America is by following certain procedures set forth by state law. During and after your divorce, these laws were designed to protect your children who may suffer harm from their parent’s divorce as well as protect your assets.

People Get Divorced for a Variety of Reasons

There are many reasons why two people decide to divorce, but statistics have shown that there are some reasons more likely than others.  Here are some of the most common factors that lead to divorce.

  1. Money Issues: Money is one of the biggest causes of arguments in a marriage, and it’s often cited as one of the top reasons for divorce.
  2. Lack of Trust: When there’s a lack of trust between two people, it can be hard to move forward in a relationship, and that’s especially true when it comes to marriage.
  3. Infidelity: One spouse cheating can be a deal-breaker for many couples, and that’s the primary reason for divorce today in America.

What Children Face When Their Parents Get a Divorce?

Children are affected in varying ways by divorce. A child’s understanding of why their parents got divorced may also be different from what is actually happening. For example, if a mother tells her son she and his father are getting a divorce because his father had an affair, that son might think all divorces occur as a result of infidelity. As another example, a mother might tell her son that his father was no longer interested in marriage.


Divorce is becoming an increasingly popular option for couples who have been married for a long time. In fact, over 50% of marriages that last over 25 years end in divorce. I hope you found these statistics interesting and informative. It’s important to know that there are resources available to help you and your children through this difficult time.


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