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We all know that how someone defines their business does not hold any value as compared to how their customers define that business. No matter, even if the service you provide is extraordinary. Even, Google values customer reviews. Not only the amount but the quality also matters for Google logarithm.

Google ranking and reviews affect your marketing and conversion rates. So, we have listed some of the techniques and strategies to gain better Google reviews. However, on the other side, negative reviews can have a huge impact and can result in the loss of popularity. So, that is why it is important to know how to gain positive reviews.

The benefit of better Google reviews:

It is a simple but effective process with multiple advantages. The more people leave 5 stars to review the better progress for your company. We all search for a single thing before buying and the most authentic way of finding out the progress of a brand is through its reviews. It can affect your business as:

  • Better reviews, extra leads:

88% of customers believe in Google reviews as compared to recommendations. So, focus on gaining more better reviews.

  • More reviews, increase in purchase:

Before finalizing the purchase, people read and go through the reviews. A person checks almost 10 reviews before finalizing the cart.

  • Higher rank, better popularity:

When your reviews are good. According to the Google algorithm, your brand will rank higher as compared to others.


How to get more reviews:

So, now we will discuss how to get more reviews. Most importantly, with more, better reviews matter the most. Here are some techniques to help you with that.

  1. Tell customers to do it:

For someone to leave a review, they will need to open Google maps, locate your brand location and leave a review. Not every satisfied customer is up to do it. so, what can do here? You can request them to leave a review as soon as they get the time. Also, an additional strategy is to give some discounts to those who leave positive reviews.

  1. Create a short link:

It is the most creative and innovative way to gain reviews. As the process is mentioned above, not everyone is up to go to the map, open the brand, and then write a review. So, you can make a link that takes them directly to the review section. Where they simply write what they think should be written and come back.

You can use Google tools or other free tools to link. When a link is created, think of a creative way of presenting these to your customers.

  1. Provide the Google review link on your official website:

When visiting and searching on your site and someone wants to leave a review. A customer will not be comfortable going to another tab and leave a review.

A great approach would be providing a click here button so that they can go directly or know that this is the review section.

  1. Shorten the shortcut:

Use free tools which can shorten the review bar. So, it does not feel like the whole website is covered by reviews instead of products.

  1. Google review page on your website:

Probably, the above steps work efficiently. Although, another idea can be creating a separate page of reviews. Users can just jump directly onto that page if they are up for reading reviews. Readability is enhanced and things look more organized. Along with that, it does the purpose.

  1. Add Google review CTA:

Apart from adding a separate folder, you can always go for adding a review CTA at the bottom of a page. You might have seen multiple companies using this same strategy.

  1. Leave us a card review:

This offline method is also very effective. You can provide these cards within the box of your product. So, when they open and watch the honesty of the brand. They feel like leaving a positive review.

  1. Ask for Google review in persons:

You might have encountered multiple brands using this strategy, most of these requests your o leave a review while leaving. Mostly, a guy is just there to greet your good wishes and remind you to leave a review.

  1. Emphasize how fast it is:

Customers do not feel comfortable at first. For them it is unimportant, and they are clueless that why are you focusing on it. however, if done right, you can tell them its importance and how they should be the ones to do it.

  1. Email campaign:

You must have emails from your customers. Many brands use this technique of asking relevant questions like numbers and email while finalizing the product. In this way, they enter your data into their database and send your messages.

  1. Ask for reviews on social media:

The best way of the engaging audience on social media is to talk about a critical topic, or share memes, or post informative content. I prefer informative content because there are very less pages that post good content.

You can find hundreds of pages posting funny stuff. On the other hand, very less pages that post better and informative stuff.

  1. Ask your vendors to review your brand:

Partners are not like customers but they still have a Gmail and can leave a review. Similarly, ask your friends to leave a positive review.

  1. Respond to the reviews:

When someone leaves a review, they expect a reply. When they see that even the previous review is left unattended why waste the time of reviewing again.

  1. Review instruction video:

Another great idea is to make a funny, informative video of how to leave a review. In this way, someone might learn and leave a review for you. also, teaching someone something new is always good.

Final words:

It is a fact that customers only trust fellow customers. they do not care what a brand owner has to say. There are certain factors to that because many of them claim higher than the original condition of the product.

Make a habit of asking customers and visitors to leave a review, ask all of your friends to leave reviews. Apart from that, if you are stressing over low reviews on your website. You should take some time off this hectic daily routine and go on a tour. If you have no partner, you can always take your pet with you. touring with pets might be difficult financially and physically. Although, there would be no issue for your pet to get on board on flights. All you need is an emotional support animal letter online. That letter can be issued by a certified therapists, physicians, and health care service providers. You can visit getyourpetcertified.com and check out the criteria for getting an ESA letter. Moreover, they provide the service of issuing an ESA letter online. So, you do not have to visit and get this certificate. So, what are you waiting for, book your trip now and enjoy yourself carefreely.


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