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Spending a memorable vacation in some amazing part of the world is a dream of many people. However, getting involved with the Free things in Tokyo during the vacation adds a surprising element. 

On the other hand, this kind of great experience can not be defined by words; however, you need to feel it. It’s, in fact, a great opportunity to spend some family time & make your bond more strong. It is very important to plan a trip that is beneficial in multiple ways. 

Welcome to the busiest capital of the Republic of Japan, that somehow features ultramodern surroundings & traditions. Moreover, it’s the largest urban economy in the world. 

List of the free things to do here:

  1. Meiji Shrine:

You can start the tour by exploring this most famous attraction & opposite Harajuku is the place entrance. Those with a tight budget can enter without any charges & stroll around for free. Multiple things are worth visiting, like Meiji Jingu, treasure house & many more. 

Now, you may think about the way to get here. So, you, the commuters, need to get down at the Meiji Jingumae station and walk about 1 minute across the bridge. You’ll get to the entrance of the place. 

  1. Yoyogi park:

Now, it’s time to make the way toward this beautiful green space marked by the adjacent Harajuku & Meiji Shrine. Moreover, reading Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight policy can make the trip amazing if you aren’t satisfied with the services or the scheduled departure. It provides affordable flights & free baggage allowance. 

The capital’s crowd can be more hectic, so it’s better to spend the time at this beautiful park. The overall surroundings offer some jaw-dropping views & make you feel more special. You can carry a good book with some delicious snacks & have a great time. 

People often crave to arrive at these kinds of places full of greenery. 

3.Shibuya crossing & Hachikos statute:

There are two great attractions in Tokyo that are most amazing & probably worth taking pictures of. However, the best part is that both are adjacent, so you don’t have to move unnecessarily. 

While you get down at the Shibuya station & the Hachiko statute will immediately grab your attention. There you’ll find a crowd eager to snap the pictures as you finish here, walk some distance & reach to world’s famous pedestrian crossings. 

To get the phenomenal view, head over the Starbucks & wait for the action. You’ll be quite amazed at this place & enjoy. 

  1. Akihabara:

If you aren’t a tech fan, you can also afford to miss this amazing spot. In the evening it’s more beautiful as there are lights around. This place is a great location for shoppers to purchase electronic items. The departmental store follows multiple small vendors selling out the different stuff.  

These are among the Free things in Tokyo during the vacation. You can arrive here during the day but can refresh the mood. While moving here, you cna enjoy the artists performing live & mimicking. You can click countless pictures while enjoying yourself here with the family. 

If you want to reach this place, get off at Akihabara station and keep moving on. 

  1. Senso Ji temple:

The list of amazing things is not limited to these things; however, you can pay a visit to Senso Ji temple, which is the main attraction located in the middle of Asakusa’s busy Nakamise market. 

It’s the best way to get into the culture & the traditions of the place. Once free, head to the shops lined up on the streets. Various restaurants offer delicious cuisines. The other shops deal with souvenirs. People can move around & try to know about some hidden mysteries. 

Moreover, it is the city’s oldest religious building which is most colorful & famous. 

  1. Sumo practice:

It is among the most fun & entertaining things; however, watching them fight can be more expensive. So, you need to change the plans & look forward to sumo practice. Well, this is among the Free things in Tokyo during the vacation that offers some great time. 

There are about 45 sumo stables in Tokyo, but there are some finest names where you can visit. Musashigawa Beya, Kassugano Beya followed by Takasago Beya. 

You need to call & confirm the practice schedule, as most take place during the week & the early morning 6-7. 

  1. Ueno park:

Another way to enjoy the holidays is to visit this beautiful public park. It’s located in the Taito district of Tokyo. Although, it seems to be an extension of the Kaneiji temple & which is explained by its marvelous designs. 

There are ample activities like running, enjoying picnics, or visiting nearby temples. These are quite amazing things that set you free & people can enjoy the way they want. 

However, it’ll be more amazing to plan a trip under great sunny weather & the around makes it the perfect outing. Once you come here, you’ll find the majority of the people walking & running. 

  1. Tsukiji outer market:

You need to wake up early & get to enjoy the taste of the freshest seafood. Perhaps, the inner market that has moved to Toyosu is now closed. However, you can still walk through the restaurants & food stalls. 

You can grab some amazing food & enjoy it as these are the Free things in Tokyo during the vacation. The markets open around 5 in the morning & if you can manage, then witness the vendors selling the freshest items. 

There are numerous varieties & all of them comprising with amazing taste. So, these are the ways to try some interesting things. 

  1. Imperial palace:

If you haven’t been to a royal palace or never got a chance, the imperial palace in the capital is home to the royal family. You can easily enter this place without paying any charges. 

On the other hand, the inner ground has been closed to the public & guests can enter through the Kokyo Gaien. This whole place is quite amazing & welcomes you in a different style. It will be an extraordinary experience for visitors from around the world. 

You’ll never get this kind of an opportunity anywhere else & get to know about several interesting things. 

  1. Rainbow bridge:

While spending a vacation in Tokyo, people can head to the location & try to take pictures of the Rainbow bridge. Now to walk across this bridge, you need to enter through the bridge promenade. 

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