Five Automotive Parts You Can Easily Recycle

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Millions of cars reach the end-of-service point every year, most of which end up in landfills. Also, basic car maintenance calls for the frequent replacement and removal of certain old parts. Parts that have been damaged in an accident much likely need to be replaced and even the whole cars, in case of serious damage.

In all such situations, have you ever given a thought to the idea of recycling the damaged or broken parts instead of tossing them around in the trash or sending them away for disposal?

Well, you should if you haven’t already. Because recycling auto parts can minimize the waste amount building inside landfills and also be a source of protecting the earth’s environment. While cars are already a source of massive environmental pollution, recycling the damaged parts could certainly play a role in preventing further damage to the planet earth.

Wondering what parts of your car could be efficiently recycled? Here’s the list of five automotive parts you can easily recycle to help you through!

Auto Glass:

Broken windshields contribute massively to landfills worldwide – aiding significant damage to the planet earth. Most people believe that broken glass is better disposed of because it cannot really be recycled easily. Even with the recycling options available, broken windshields are sealed with protective layers of plastic from both sides, so no one bothers about recycling them.

However, you shall be considering the option because technological advancements have made it much easier to separate the recyclable glass from these protective layers. Multiple windshield replacement services offer to repurpose glass and specializes in automotive glass recycling.

Apart from the fact that glass recycling can protect the earth’s environment, it is also of great use because of its versatility. Automotive glass can easily be converted into concrete blocks, floor tiles, glass bottles, fiberglass insulation, worktops, counters, and even jewelry.

Even the protective layers of plastic obtained from a broken windshield can be recycled into carpet glue or other useful things. So, think twice before disposing off a broken windshield next time and instead; consider getting them recycled.

Oil & Oil Filters:

Motor oils, when discarded improperly, are likely to cause contamination in soil and water sources. Most people don’t know that yet, but motor oil is surely reusable and easily recycled. The oil in your vehicle might get dirty but it can never wear out. So when replacing the oil in your vehicle, you shall always take the used, dirty oil to an auto shop that offers oil recycling. They can easily clean the dirt and transform your dirty oil into a brand new and reusable one.

Apart from the oil, you can also get the oil filters recycled. In case your oil filters look old and worn out, you can always replace them and sell the worn ones to a recycling center. A standard oil filter contains an estimated one pound of steel and could be easily reused for steel manufacturing.

Scrap Metal & Plastic Component:

A damaged or broken car comes with many aluminum rims, side mirrors, fenders, headlight bezels, doors and door handles, and steel wheels. Each part has metal to offer for recycling. Metals are relatively easier to recycle and could be immensely used in the reproduction of multiple items. Instead of letting your junk cars age at the back of your garages, it’s always a better idea to sell them to a junkyard and earn some cash against the metal scrap.

Multiple scrapyards offer incredible services across the towns. These services consume the least of your time. From inspecting your junk cars to their towing and providing instant cash against the scrap, they do it all themselves. They generally weigh out your cars based on their usability.

Apart from the metal scrap, your old junk cars also contain a noticeable volume of plastic to offer for recycling. Most parts of your vehicle ranging from dashboards to gas tanks are made up of recyclable plastic. And so, it’s always a good idea to consider recycling them instead of wasting them in the landfills and causing environmental pollution. Also, if the bumpers, lights, or other interior parts of your vehicle are in working condition, you can always sell them at an auto repair shop.

Engine & Emission System Parts:

Engines of your damaged and broken cars could also be recycled and remanufactured. Engines and some of their parts have longer lives; they could be cleaned, dismantled, reconditioned, and sold for future usage. Most mechanics can even rebuild more effective and environment-friendly newer engines using the old damaged or defective ones. The remanufactured engines can contribute to low-cost and greener engine replacement processes.

While some parts of your engine stick to specific models, parts such as transmissions, spark plugs, catalytic converters, and radiators are highly generic and have the utmost potential for repurposing.

Batteries & Related Electronics:

The batteries in your vehicles often come with chemicals such as lead, etc., that can cause contamination to the environment if dumped into landfills. Most states have policies enforcing the auto shops to send old batteries to the manufacturers for safe disposal or the recycling centers. Also, some states offer rewards to the people who exchange their old car batteries with the new ones.

In most cases, the old batteries are in good condition and could easily be repaired. However, those fully damaged are sent in for recycling. The process usually includes putting them through a hammer mill which breaks the batteries into smaller pieces. These pieces are further sent into a container to segregate heavier metals such as lead at the bottom and gather plastic on the top for removal.

The plastic is melted down and sent to the plastic manufacturers for making multiple items. While the lead is melted down and repurposed into other components. The acid from old batteries could also be recycled and transformed into sodium sulfate, which can further be used in textiles, glass, and detergent.

Sell Your Junk Car or Get the Automotive Parts Recycled:

Has an old junk car aged at the back of your garage? Consider finding the best website to sell car , or you can also opt for recycling a few of your automotive parts. Even the services purchasing old junk cars offer to reclaim some of the parts as a side gig. You can always look up to them and get advice over which parts could be recycled and which has to be dumped straight.

A junk car purchasing service would usually send in an inspection team to rightly understand the condition of your car. They would tell you about the parts which can be recycled and remanufactured and those that need to be dumped.

If you’re planning to sell your junk car soon, The junk car buyers would be happier to assist you through the process. Either you need to get a few of your vehicle’s parts recycled or sell your entire junk car straight; They have packages for everything you need. From estimating the cost of your junk car to the inspection and towing, They provide affordable yet professional services that combine everything integral to the selling or recycling of your old junk car.


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