Five things to consider while hiring a dog trainer


We know that your dog is more than a pet to you; he is a family member and needs your love and care. Hence, while hiring a dog trainer, you cannot be lenient and hire a person who claims to be a dog trainer. You have to search for several trainers or training schools in the city, do background searches, and have discussions with your family to finalize the right one. 

Our advice is not to rush things and be conscious during the whole hiring process. Here is a list of critical things you need to remember. 

  • Note down your requirements as you analyze a trainer’s expertise. 

Mostly, dog owners are interested to know more about the trainer, but they don’t self-evaluate their pooches. What does your dog need? Hey, you don’t have to ask him; you can determine his requirements by yourself. Does he need to train for basic commands only, or does he require agility training? Or you want to make him an extra-smart dog and make him a YouTube celebrity? We suggest understanding your dog well and accepting any issues he has. You can certainly find a suitable trainer who works actively on those issues. 

  • Consider the trainer’s work approach and attitude. 

It is frightening for a few dog owners to hand over their pup to the trainer for the said purpose. If you have heard or witnessed the inhuman methods of dog training, it might be a stressful experience for you. Hence, it is vital to understand the training methods and strategies adopted by the shortlisted dog trainers. Do they use positive reinforcement methods, or do they use some kind of penalties? How do they suppress bad behavior? You need to hire a trainer who uses a consistent, balanced approach and utilizes positive reinforcement and aversive control therapies as per the situation. 

Moreover, you have to check whether the trainer abides by the training schedule or not. Are they on time, or do they postpone training sessions once they receive their fees? You can even ask for a paid trial for a few days to know more about the trainer’s punctuality and attendance. 

  • Confirm whether you can be a part of the training process. 

Your pooch is a tiny creature right now, and he needs you most of the time. Also, you can’t hand over your pup to a stranger in the initial classes. Discuss with your trainer about your presence during the training sessions. Finally, the pup needs to obey your commands and not the trainer. A reliable trainer will guide you about the whole process in advance without letting you worry about trivial things. 

  • Discuss additional dog-related services. 

If you want a versatile dog training school where your pet can socialize and entertain himself, you can search accordingly. For instance, if you also want dog daycare in Perth services, pet socializing camps, or dog swimming slots, you can ask the trainer about it. It is a great thing that dog training schools focus on other aspects of dog behavior. 

  • Research the trainer’s credentials well. 

Even if the training schools seem to be in your neighborhood, you have to research them well. Know about its experience, online credibility, what other customers say about the trainers, certifications, training expertise, license, and other formalities. The more you know about the school, the less stressed you will get your dog trained there. It is your right to learn about the school and the trainer in-depth. 

Conclusively, the above five things are essential to consider while hiring a proficient dog trainer for your lovely and cute pup.  


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