Future of Magento: The Impact, Success and Issues of the E-commerce Platform in 2021 and Beyond


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Among all the E-Commerce platforms available globally, Magento is the most popular one. In 2018, it was acquired by Adobe and equipped with a lot of amazing and highly effective features as well. Even, it is expected that in 2021, this platform will have the ability to create a massive impact on the world of e-commerce. However, still, security is a major concern. According to the report given in the year 2018, more than 78% of the Magento websites in New Zealand and Australia were at the risk of cybercriminals or cybercrime. Now the major question is, will the security system of this platform will get enhanced in the upcoming years or not. Also, will it be able to fight against the other E-Commerce platforms and leave everything behind? There are several questions that you must be having like should you continue to rely on Magento or start searching for other alternate options. Considering the same, here we have given the answers to all such queries.

The Impact Of Magento

In the world of e-commerce, there is a huge impact created by Magento. The amazing mobile-friendly theme, along with the world-class features, has managed to deliver outstanding performance, and the users are really enjoying the experience. There are several amazing and highly effective tools featured in this platform like the cross sales and up sales. With the help of this feature, one can easily attract the customers to purchase more. As a result, the sales and revenue will get enhanced automatically and significantly as well. All because of the useful features and high scalability of this platform, the retailers can easily drive more customers towards the sales events and marketing events as well. Additionally, thanks to Adobe’s acquisition of Magento, it is expected that the shopping experience of the users will get enhanced amazingly and also the conversion will get boosted up massively.

The Future Of Magento

Progressive web applications

It is expected that Magento will reach a whole new level in the upcoming years. Even, Adobe has already started making the progressive web applications available for the customers of Magento through the PWA studios and the tool kits. With the help of this feature, the retailers can easily develop online stores and offer and application like experience. It ultimately results in a massive boost in the rate of conversion of the customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has played an amazing role in changing the manner of user engagement with online websites. This feature allows the retailers and the website holders to analyze the behaviour of their customer and change the interaction system according to their requirement. Apart from this, due to artificial intelligence, the person or the website holder can easily analyze and find the traces that are left by the visitor of the stores like the products they have viewed for the personalized product recommendations they have created. Apart from this, the chatbot is also an amazing application treated with AI. Additionally, it is expected to be deployed in more stores so that the customers can easily get a response to their issues and queries as well. Magento will continue to adapt more artificial intelligence features so that the customer experience can get enhanced in 2021 and in the upcoming years as well.

The Issues Of Magento

Along with all the positive factors, there are some issues also associated with this platform. It is necessary to have details regarding the same.

Turning Into A Paid Product

Since Adobe has made the acquisition, and then a lot of people are worried about the alterations in the payment structure of Magento. There are several speculations made by users that Adobe will transform the eCommerce platform into a paid product. Even, there are experts that are estimate thing that it will be included in the experience cloud. Experience cloud is basically and All-in-One enterprise business solution that is managed by Adobe. If this expectation goes right, then you will be needed to spend your money for using this platform. However, still, it is an open-source platform so that you can use it for free without even paying any sort of amount.

Increase In The Competition

In 2017, worldwide, Magento was the second-largest eCommerce platform having 9% of the market share. However, in 2018, this platform lost its position, and Shopify gained it. And at that time, due to the easiest functionality feature, a large number of users switched to Shopify platform from it. However, still, when it comes about customizations, Magento is the king. In terms of customization, not even Shopify can beat Magento, but still, more and more users are switching to that platform. In such a situation, it is necessary to Hire Certified Magento Developers and other team members so that they can focus on making the existing functionality is easier for the users, and it can easily survive in the competition as well.

The Success Of Magento

Strengthened security

After going through security issues, there are people who might get worried. However, as compared to others, Magento is still one of the most secure E-Commerce platforms available globally. Magento 2.1 is featured with several amazing highly advanced security features including the random admin URI so that the attacks on specific locations can easily get prevented. Apart from this, the file system permissions are also not set explicitly any longer. The platform allows users to restrict access by using umask. It is an amazing and highly effective feature to protect the store from clickjacking attacks. Apart from this, there are several other new features that have been given so that security can be dramatically enhanced.

Increased Market Share

As we have stated above that Magento has lost its position to Shopify, but still, the overall market share doesn’t reduce. It is still having a solid growth in the market share. Even the share increased from 9 % to 13%. And there are several amazing reasons that are enhancing the growth of this platform. And the major and the most significant one is the acquisition of Adobe. There are several game-changing products and features introduced by Adobe, including that PWA studio and the developer toolkit. Apart from this, there are several other products given in the suit like content management, data management and analytics. In the long run, it is expected that this platform will get a massive boost with the advanced ecosystem and will be able to fight not only with Shopify, but also other E-Commerce platforms are available in the market.


Like all other platforms, Magento has also gone through several ups and downs in the market. Despite the challenges, it still has a strong future. And also the acquisition from Adobe has given it a massive boost. The regular updates and packages are giving at a higher post and making it highly secured. Hence, in the year 2021, there are chances that Magento will regain a significant number of users it has lost. It will be interesting to see how the battle against other E-Commerce platforms will be handled by this platform.


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