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Pune, one of the most significant cities in India, is a well-liked tourist destination. The area is endowed with stunning natural scenery and has a lot to discover. Pune is home to everything from forts and palaces to museums and gardens. Pune won’t let you down—a it’s unique fusion of capitalism and spirituality in a bustling metropolis! But things don’t stop there! Did we mention that there are numerous, breathtaking waterfalls close to Pune? These waterfalls are beautiful and provide a breathtaking spectacle. Book taxi service in Pune and go there to learn more!

Top Waterfalls Near Pune

The waterfalls on this list are within a three-hour drive or less of Pune. The journey to these waterfalls from Pune would be fairly fascinating because the roads in Maharashtra are quite lovely and well-maintained. These were chosen for the list based on the opinions of travellers who had previously visited the area. You can book Pune taxi service for traveling to these places.

Ahupe Waterfalls

The hamlet where Ahupe Waterfalls are located is mesmerizingly picturesque, making it one of the most stunning waterfalls close to Pune. The waterfall is located three hours’ drive from Pune in the Maharashtra village of Ambegaon. You will be in awe of the falls’ grandeur if you get there. The area around the waterfall is similarly beautiful. If you are a true nature lover, Ahupe waterfall is for you with its lush greenery of the deep forests, hills, and the Bhimashankar wildlife reserve overlooking the cascade.

You must pass through the Ambegaon settlement and the Bhimashankar forest to get to the lovely fall. You will be astounded by the area’s lush vegetation. The crystal clear sapphire blue lake looks amazing against the lovely foliage. You should go there during the monsoon season to fully appreciate the location. During that period, it rose to become one of India’s most romantic locations.

Dudhsagar Falls

One of the tallest falls in India and the Pune area is Dudhsagar, which is 1017 feet in height. When you get there, the splendour of the waterfall’s falling from such a height will astound you. It’s impossible to compare with the view of the waterfall in the lush woodland surroundings. The wood is situated where Goa and Karnataka meet at the confluence of the lovely Mandovi river. There are two ways to get there from Pune: either take a four-hour vehicle ride, or board a two-hour train that will take you to Goa. The Dudhsagar falls along the way to Goa add a special touch of beauty.

You should visit the falls during the monsoon season to see them in all of their glory. Because the water will be at its highest level and the falls will appear much more beautiful around that time. Four-tiered waterfalls are quite uncommon in India.

Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls

The Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls are accessible from Pune via one of the most picturesque road excursions. The entire route to the waterfalls is quite lovely. This road will aid in your mental relaxation due to the surrounding area’s lush hills and dense trees. The Mulshi lake contains the highly sought-after waterfalls, giving the area a postcard-like appearance. The monsoons are the ideal time to see the waterfalls since the hazy weather will make the area appear like a dream.

When you get at the waterfall, which is not far from the Pirangut settlement, you will be astounded by its magnificent beauty. This fall will provide you the opportunity to enjoy some quiet time with your friends and families while surrounded by the magnificence of the Western Ghats mountains and thick woods. Many people favour swimming in the pond created below the falls as a way to experience the cascade.

Chinaman’s Falls

One of the waterfalls near Pune that you must not miss is Chinaman’s waterfall, which is situated in the lovely town of Mahabaleshwar. If you travel there by automobile, it will take you no longer than two hours. Another unusual fall, this one close to Pune, is a photographer’s dream. The environment around the falls is highly captivating, in addition to the cascade itself. Don’t forget to visit Mahabaleshwar if you travel there to see the waterfall. Trekking is a popular way for individuals to explore new places. Some people like to bathe and swim in the pond below the flowing water.

In addition to being somewhat clean, the cold water on your skin will offer you the sensation of serenity you require in your life. Have a great picnic there with your family and loved ones while you are there for the afternoon this fall.

Lingmala Falls

Another stunning waterfall close to Pune. The Lingmala waterfall is located next to Lingmala’s woodland guesthouse. You will be in wonder when you get to view the water falling from such a great eye for the first time because the waterfall is about 500 feet high. The rustling sound of the rain on the ground creates an odd sense of peace and solitude for the visitors. The water that collects below the falls is a favourite place for thrill-seekers to take a bath.

Spending a leisurely day there with your family and loved ones will allow you to appreciate the falls. Don’t forget to tour Mahabaleshwar if you go there. One of Maharashtra’s most picturesque locations is there. Book outstation taxi for traveling to all these beautiful destincatio.

Thoseghar Falls

One of the tallest waterfalls in India and the vicinity of Pune is the Thoseghar Waterfall. It is 1640 feet long and is situated in the Thoseghar region close to Pune. The city is easily accessible after two and a half hours of travel. A lovely landscape of rolling hills and dense, lush trees surrounds the fall.

One of the well-known waterfalls nearby Pune is this one. Numerous people, both tourists and residents, go to the waterfalls to spend time with their friends and families. You must visit this waterfall if you are in Pune. Otherwise, you’ll regret missing out on seeing such a stunning location.

Bhaje Waterfalls

On a clear day, the waterfall is illuminated by the sun’s rays as they pass through the dense forest. That is the splendour of the Bhaje waterfall in Lonavala, which is close to 22 rock-cut caves. It is located 13.2 kilometres from Kamshet and perfectly accentuates the historic roughness of the area. It is a must-see location and is situated 61 kilometres from Pune and 90 kilometres from Mumbai.

Thokarwadi Waterfalls

The Thokarwadi waterfall is adjacent to the town of Kanhe Phata and is situated next to a magnificent lake. This is a must-visit natural area for hiking and camping if you’re travelling in the spring or during the rainy season. The water from this dam, which was constructed in 1922, is used to power the nearby areas. If you are travelling with friends, you may enjoy a few days of the bonfire with some hiking and exploring the area. Setting up camp is also possible here (not in rainstorms).

Vajrai Waterfall

One of India’s tallest waterfalls is the Vajrai Waterfall. 1840 feet (560 metres) in height, flowing through three levels. The Urmodi river in western Maharashtra, close to the Satara region, is where the water originates. The well-known Kas Flower Valley is around 5 km away, while Bhambavli Flower Valley is about 2 km away. Day hikes are ideal in the lushly green mountains and blooming highlands.

Randha Falls

One of the most well-known waterfalls that you may visit on a day trip from Pune is Randha Falls, which is situated around 10 kilometres from the edge of Bhandardara lake. The nature surrounding this location has formed a lush meadow that you can explore. The water comes from the Pravara River and drops from a height of 170 feet to create a roaring sound.

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