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The lifespan of the Head Microgel Radical tennis racket is quite impressive. Since its inception, it has been a players’ favorite all over the world. Andre Agassi stopped playing long ago, but his favorite tennis racket still wins millions of hearts. Undoubtedly, Head Microgel Radical Tennis Racket is among the best tennis racquets of all time. 

As Agassi once said, “Image is everything,” this racket has succeeded in keeping its popularity intact. If you are not yet familiar with the name, you must be thinking, what’s all the fuss about this particular racket?

Radical Microgel is probably the most successful tennis racket from the house of Head. The manufacturer has launched two other models of this series, but the original one is still on top. 

I hope this is enough to make you feel excited. If you are a tennis player yourself, you must consider this racket at least once. After doing extensive market research and reading numerous customer reviews, I have come up with a brief review of this awesome tennis racket just for you. 

Playing a Session with Head Microgel Radical Racket

This racket suits all. The best feature of this racket is that it suits all kinds of players, from intermediate to professional ones. It comes in a comfortable size that suits all kinds of players without straining their hands. 

Microgel radical demands fast and long groundstrokes from the players as the dense string pattern and the standard size don’t generate a huge amount of power or swing. 

Beginners and intermediate tennis players who are still trying to grasp the basics of technique and form might find it slightly difficult to play with this racket. In fact, kids or beginners may be better off with a more supporting racket like Babolat falcon Tennis racket or Head Ti S6, which will give them more power and natural swing.

However, intermediate to professional players will simply fall in love with the Head MicroGel Radical’s versatile performance right away. This racket allows the player to hit fast strokes at the baseline and deliver full while serving. 

The best thing about this racket is it pushes the player to bring out the best performance on the court. On the contrary to most of the rackets in its class, it invites the players to play fast and full strokes at the baseline and strong backhand strokes. 

If your technique is correct and you have better control over the ball, this racket will respond to your strokes and shots quite accurately.

Although this racket is not one of the most powerful tennis racquet, it will be able to produce a much-needed speed boost with excellent strings. Moreover, it allows you to play excellent spin shots even on a grass court. 

As far as vibration and shock are concerned, the MicroGel technology does a decent job of absorbing shock and minimizing the risk of getting hurt during an important game. 

In addition to that, if comfort is your priority, this racket offers you unbelievable comfort so that you won’t have to think about straining your hands during a prolonged match. 

Let’s take a look at the specifics of the Head Microgel Radical Racket and review each part in detail. 

Head Microgel Radical Review – In Depth

Head Size

As I have mentioned earlier, the head size of this racket is suitable not only for professionals but also for intermediate players. This model comes in two sizes, the mid-plus version, and the oversized version. 

The mid-plus version is 98 square inches in size, whereas the plus-sized Head is measured around 107 square inches. Generally, a smaller head size offers more control over the ball. That’s why these variants are suitable for beginners and intermediate players. 

Accordingly, the larger head size gives more power and greater forgiveness, given the fact that it comes with a large sweet spot. As a result, beginners prefer the oversized version of the racket for better performance on the court. 


Both the Oversize and Mid-plus size versions measure around 27 inches long, making the Head MicroGel Radical just as long as any professional tennis racket. As a result, this racket provides a superb reach and exceptional balance of maneuverability.

Balance and Weight

While strung properly, the oversized version weighs in at 11.00 Oz, while the mid-plus size is more or less the same, weighing 11.1 Oz. For instance, ‘power rackets’ usually weigh around 7.5-9.5 Oz. On the other hand, rackets built keeping the player’s control in mind usually weigh at least 11.5 Oz. 

Accordingly, the balance of MicroGel Radical is slightly heavier at the handle than it is at the racket-head.  When the weight is distributed more powerfully towards the handle, the player can usually maneuver the stick with greater ease and swing faster.

However, the difference between the Head and handle isn’t much. Although the Head Microgel Radical claims to be a head-light racket, it’s very close to being a balanced model (especially in the case of the mid-plus variant).

String Pattern

This racket comes with a string pattern of 18 x 19 in the larger size model and 18 x 20 in the mid-sized version. Generally, the 18x 20 pattern is considered a dense and close-knit pattern. While open strings generally offer superior power and spin, closed patterns are best for players who mainly look for control in their rackets.

Also, the strings on a closed pattern usually live longer than those variants of open patterns. 

Who Should Buy the Head Microgel?

This particular product is a great choice for intermediate players. Also, as you all know, Andre Agassi used to play with this racket, so, evidently, it is a wonderful choice for professional players. 

However, if you are looking for power over control, this isn’t the product I will suggest to you. Instead, it will help you to deliver fast and accurate strokes on a crucial match.

Beginners might enjoy the maneuverability of the racket as well, but they might also quickly become frustrated by the accuracy that the MicroGel Radical demands.

Do you want review of any other tennis gear? Let us know in the comments below and we will do a detailed review of the same.


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