Hello Kitty drawing 


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Hello Kitty drawing 

Start Hello Kitty drawing with a sketching pencil. At first, don’t press too hard. Use light, smooth strokes to remove. Although Something that impresses me about the drawing, particularly about this character, is the simplicity involved in its creation. Hello, Kitty drawing contains all the critical elements of a “cute character” that should include: big head, no neck, petite body, rounded lines, combing, etc. However, with simple cuteness, and you have a winner! And on that note – here’s how to draw Hello Kitty! We will teach your kids about spiderman drawing from our website.

Step 1: basic shape of Hello Kitty’s

I must mention at this point – symmetry is crucial when crafting Hello Kitty. Getting the eyes and nose to tail just right is very, very important. The slightest little off, well – it just doesn’t want to look the same. I think the central cross in this lesson will be very helpful for you to get things right. To draw a Hello Kitty drawing, start by drawing aside an oval on the top half of the paper. That will be the basic shape of Hello Kitty’s head. Just below this shape, draw a square with rounded corners. Draw the square slightly smaller than the shape of the head. That will be the basic shape of Hello Kitty’s body. 

Step 2: characteristics of Hello Kitty

Next, draw a vertical line that cuts the oval in half and a horizontal line that crosses it. The horizontal line should be a little following the center. On the frame shape, draw a perpendicular line about two-thirds the right of the center and a horizontal line the center of the form. These are construction lines that will help you place the characteristics of Hello Kitty later.

Step 3: Hello Kitty’s head

Above Hello Kitty’s source and on both sides of the perpendicular line, draw two base triangles. These will be the ears of this cartoon character.

Step 4: Hello Kitty’s arms

For Hello Kitty’s forearms, draw an ellipse on the top left side of the body state. The ellipse should tilt slightly to the right, and the upper right of the arm should smooth against the form of its head. On the above right side of her body appearance, draw an extra oblong of comparable size and angle. When you remove this oval, place it higher up, and it should shave off the shape of the head as well. Posting Station 

Step 5: Hello Kitty’s head

On the top right-hand side of Hello Kitty’s head and just below her ear, draw a small circle. On either side of the process, draw two small triangles that point to the middle of the small circle. That is the basic shape of the Hello Kitty bow.

Step 6: initial Hello Kitty sketch

That’s it for the initial Hello Kitty sketch! You have the basic Hello Kitty shape, and now you’re going to go in and tighten up your design. From there, press harder with your pencil for darker lines and a more defined sketch.

Step 7: Hello Kitty bow

First, tighten the shape of the Hello Kitty bow. However, Go through the circle first, then around the triangular shapes. Although Do not draw the points of the triangle that overlap the small range. Draw two C-shaped arches that affect the small process inside each of the triangles.

Step 8: round her ears

Darken Hello Kitty’s head, making sure to round her ears so they aren’t so pointy.

Step 9: Hello Kitty eyes complement

Now, draw two ovals to the right on the horizontal construction line, on either side of the vertical construction line. Shade these ovals. So When removing the eyes, make sure each look is center on the circle’s vertical construction line. These Hello Kitty eyes complement Hello Kitty’s eyes.

Step 10: Hello Kitty’s eyes

Below the regular construction line, right on the perpendicular construction line, draw aside an oval the same size as Hello Kitty’s eyes. However, Don’t shade that one. It’s his nose. Draw three lanes on both sides of his face to represent his whiskers, using quick movements.

Step 11: Hello Kitty left arm

To hug the left arm, draw a line down the middle of the oval to represent its sleeve. So Then go for it, making sure to remove a small bump just to the bottom right of the sleeve to express the thumb.

Step 12: Hello Kitty’s body

Now hug Hello Kitty’s body by drawing a U-shaped bow under her head to represent her cleavage. However, Shade is in the regular system line and the rest of his collection. So When you remove the right side of his body, tilt it towards his title more than the innovative old-fashioned shape. On the contrary, Draw a baseline just to the left of the perpendicular order to symbolize where Hello Kitty’s legs meet.

Step 13: Hello Kitty’s feet

Draw Hello Kitty’s feet using the body shape and vertical line as a guide. Draw her left foot larger than her right because she is standing sideways.

Step 14:Hello Kitty’s right hand

Finally, squeeze Hello Kitty’s right hand by adding a line in the middle of the oval. However, As you speed through the rest of the circle, be sure not to darken the parts covering his head or body.

Step 15: cute Hello Kitty sketch

That’s it! You now have a cute Hello Kitty sketch. You can end this quick picture for a rough preview or go for a more finished look by continuing to the step below.

Step 16: Hello kitty coloring

To achieve a more refined, more inked look, carefully draw the last lines of the sketch using a pencil or marker. So  Wait for the ink to dry, then remove each pencil mark with an eraser. You now have a finished inked design of the Hello Kitty Drawing! Although You can stop here or take the final step to complete your Hello Kitty.

Final step: 

For a finished Hello Kitty drawing, you need to color it. You can use markers or even colored pencils! Hello, Kitty is easy to color cartoon character. However, Color her bow and dungarees red, her nose yellow, and her shirt pink. Do not color his face. You can stain Hello Kitty’s clothes any color you want, but be sure to keep her nose yellow and her face white. That is it! You now have a complete Hello Kitty drawing.



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