How pre-screening Can Help You Predict Top Talent


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Choosing great employees often gets overlooked in the race to fill every open position. When most people think of pre-screening, they think of interviewing people to weed out bad applicants in a job interview. The fact is that interview prep and pre-screening go together. While interview preparation is necessary, no job applicant can hope to be interviewed without a little help from their eventual employers.

Employers are reviewing their whole recruiting procedure, including the screening process, to ensure no hurdles to finding the appropriate people, thanks to the continuous fight for talent. However, screening and evaluating hundreds of thousands of CVs for a job opening and making crucial recruiting choices based on incomplete and insufficient data is a significant duty.

Indeed, one of the most significant challenges for recruiting managers is locating the greatest employees. This is partly due to recruiters’ manual screening of applicants, which may be a time-consuming and tiresome procedure, and in part to a lack of access to the necessary data to make educated judgments.

It helps in identifying candidates’ soft skills

Interviewing is a very critical part of job performance. Without it, hiring managers have no way of knowing whether a potential hire will be a success or a disaster. While the candidate may be perfect in hard skills, sometimes soft skills also matter a lot, especially when it comes to teamwork, workplace equilibrium, and social skills.

With pre-screening apps, recruiters can set pre-assessment tests based on both soft and hard skills. For instance, if you want candidates for sales or marketing, you test their social skills by asking them to record some pre-set questions and send them to you. The best part is that you can replay the interviews with pre-screening video interviewing to identify the intricate behavioural details that you miss during real-time interviews.

It helps in determining the ethics and morality of candidates

Choosing great employees starts with hiring the right people in the first place. When a company is interested in selecting great employees, it should not focus on resumes alone. Good hiring decisions start with evaluating people on their personal and professional characteristics. That means taking time to know each person’s strengths and weaknesses. It also means being honest about those weaknesses.

Several pre-screening interview apps have built-in assessment tests curated by top recruiting agencies. These questions help you identify which employees are more likely to stay with you longer and positively reinforce your organisation.

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It helps in identifying fake talents from real ones

It’s not news about some candidates lying or overselling their skills on their online CVs. This is why companies must ensure they are not missing out on potential candidates by fixating on the over-embellished CVS. 

Manually screening a candidate can be time-consuming. However, thanks to advanced AI technology of pre-screening software, recruiters can easily lose those bad apples and go for real talents. The integrated AI technology can easily detect the eye movements of candidates and ensure they are answering honestly and not reading the answers right off the screen. Besides, recruiters can set up a specific number of attempts to answer questions and limit pausing the video between recording sessions. 

It helps with avoiding major work destabilisation

It matters a lot what kind of person you welcome inside your organisation. How would you be sure that person’s behaviour doesn’t end up destabilising your whole workspace? Pre-screening helps you identify the past behaviours of the candidate. You can do it by calling the reference of the candidates or their previous employer. Alternatively, you can conduct a pre-screening test, which helps you assess the applicant’s personality, attitudes, and temperament.

It helps in identifying the cognitive abilities of candidates

Some job profiles demand candidates’ cognitive abilities, such as learning something new or solving a problem through impeccable improvising skills. Pre-screening tests help recruiters analyse candidates’ cognitive abilities by conducting combined tests of general reasoning, verbal comprehension, numerical operations, etc., to predict how fast a person can solve a difficult problem. You can also throw a real-life scenario and ask candidates to give their input about it. Organisations can overcome this long and hectic process by using good video interviewing softwares like Ducknow, Sparkhire etc. 

It helps you find candidates’ efficiency in working remotely

Since the covid-19 outbreak, remote working has become a new norm in the industry worldwide. However, working and managing tasks without constant supervision is not everyone’s cup of tea. Even though you hired a perfect candidate based on their skills and behavioural traits, it does not guarantee optimum productivity. A pre-screening assessment can help you with that. 

There are several remote work assessment tests designed by experts that can help organisations to understand the behavioural competencies of candidates required in a remote work environment. 

It helps you identify high potential candidates

Employees are the primary force that helps with continuity and growth. The quality, capability, and potential of each candidate are linked to the organisation’s success. Hence, recruiters need to find a candidate who has the potential to transform and reach new heights within limited resources. 

Pre-employment cognitive tests can help employers differentiate high potential employees from a large pool of candidates. It includes a series of tests such as problem-solving, business acumen, critical decision making, etc. that indicates a candidate’s chances of present and future success at work.


Every hiring decision should take a personal approach. If a business takes the approach that all job candidates are equal and considers some people less qualified than others for the same job, it will always have difficulty finding the right one. Likewise, if a company tries to screen out unsuitable job applicants by only considering their skills and experience, it will also have difficulty finding the right one. Knowing how to choose great employees begins with asking the right questions, where screening comes into play. 

AI-based evaluations can assist businesses in making more data-driven employment decisions. They enable recruiters to screen incompetent candidates and find high-quality candidates using evidence-based criteria.Finding the right candidate via the old method is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. On the other hand, technology has transformed recruiting, altering how recruiters locate potential applicants.



Vikram Seth is co-founder of Ducknowl and has been passionately working to develop software application that can help organizations to find best skill without going through a tedious recruitment process. Vikram has over 10 years of management experience particularly focused in IT industry. He has a strong acumen in IT staffing and recruitment business. He has received MS degree from Georgetown University, DC. In addition, he has received various certifications in Project Management. He is a keen supporter of sustainable organic farming and he lives with his family in Chicagoland.


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