How to convert your Attic into a Functional Bath


Attics are the open spaces that are often left empty, what you can call a waste space. The best decision of any individual would be to utilize that very space into something more utilizable. It could be converted into an extra room, or a closet, or a full-fledged big bath (the best). 

Loft space conversion is one such process wherein the loft is converted into a room of your choice. While all the choices seem amazing, we know that an extra bath, with extra space or even a walk-in closet, would be more tempting. If you happen to have an attic that is large, you can extend this unutilized space by remodeling it into a bathroom. But, before you begin the remodeling process, you will need to plan it all out to avoid any potential problems such as plumbing or structural issues which are the major shareholders of it all. Here is what you should do- 

Evaluate and Inspect

Evaluating is the basic step that you need to have in place in order to have your dream bath. The “loft converters” will inspect your loft in order to determine if it is convertible or not. Once thoroughly inspected they will evaluate the design, safety issues, and concerns along with the cost involved, you will be provided with a whole report which would aid your plan. Hire an inspector as well as the contractor whom you wish to work with for your modifications and discuss the ideas that you wish to see. 

Permissions and planning

In any case of conversion, you might need to go for a permit and consult the planning board. Remodeling of a loft requires a permit in most areas, and the inspection process ensures your project meets all building and fire safety code requirements.


When you are in for a new bath, the process is absolutely incomplete without a plumber, and so make sure you get the perfect plumber for the job. From the support for your bathroom fixtures to the placements of all the water heads and from locating the home’s main drain pipe to simplifying the drain and vent pipe installations. Hire a plumber to join all pipes and make any modifications to prevent any kind of problems. You can look for Plumbing Burleigh Heads, and get started with your dream bath. 

Built-Ins for bath

Baths will now have plenty of storage too. Arranging built-in drawers and shelves, along with cupboards to welcome a walk-in closet, and making your bath multifunctional will add a lot of aesthetic, functionality, as well as value to your home. 

The Designing part

Depending on the kind of loft that you have, you can decide the design of your bath. If you are working in a space that is less or limited, then you must have in mind that decoration would be angled towards minimalism. Arrangements and placements will be in accordance with whatever suits your comfort in terms of space. 


Converting your attic space into a usable space is one of the best decisions that you can possibly make. Be it a bath, a bedroom, a workout area, or even a library, the above-given steps would mostly be the same except the obvious few. Make sure you make the best out of the waste space.


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