How to Diffuse Curly Hair?


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Haircare is one of the most important issues faced by women worldwide. The curly hairs of women can be difficult to manage at times. They tend to get unruly and hence require professional styling.

So, you can manage the curly hairs of women in an effective manner. Curly hair can be defined as hairs that are not in the same shape as the other hairs.

It is not easy to handle curly hairs as they require different care procedures and maintenance.

The difference in care and maintenance is due to the different textures and nature of curly hair when compared to other hair.

Do you know how to diffuse them? Diffusing the curly hairs will give the best look to your hair.

So, let us discuss how to diffuse curly hairs, and if you want to get your own curly iron for your hair or more tricks about hair then visit

Steps to diffuse curly hairs

Prepare your hairs

To start, use your favorite styling product on your waves. We suggest Curl Enhancer for wavy hair since it will help to hydrate your locks beforehand which is essential when you’re planning on applying heat to them.

Also, the ingredient of keratin will help hold their shape. First thing’s first, you will need to use a heat protectant that will help provide the essential protection that your hair needs before you ever turn on that iron.

We recommend using either Heat Styling Spray or Restore Instant Protection to ensure everything feels good and so your hair doesn’t get damaged in the process.

Prepare your hairs

Choose the best heat setting

Not everyone with hair is familiar with blow dryers. If you are new to using one, you may prefer to start by selecting any of the low to medium heat settings before trying something more intense.

It’s always best to use a setting that won’t damage your hair in order to preserve its luster and softness.

Hot air is especially damaging for people with natural hair because it not only dries things out but also has a tendency of causing split ends when used incorrectly in an attempt to straighten curly or curly-wavy hair.

To diffuse curls, start with the lowest heat setting on your dryer, blow-dry for a couple of minutes, then move the temperature up to the next level.

Repeat this step as needed until your hair is completely dried out. At the roots, apply styling mousse formed into a ball that will be left freely on top of the head to infuse your hair with volume.

Start working in sections

Now it’s time to start diffusing. Start at the ends of your hair and work your way up, gently wrapping strands of curls around the bowl and softly scrunching them in with your fingers.

Work in small sections and move around your head, spending a few seconds on each section and moving up toward the roots as you go.

Diffuse the hairs upside down

Once you’ve got some of the moisture out of your hair, flipping your hair upside down will accomplish two things: Wicking moisture away from the tips and adding volume at the roots.

This is an ideal time to dry your locks into their natural form, but remember that it’s hard-pressed to pull that off without some serious heat.

Use Protectant or oil for shine

Once your hair is dry, finish off your hairstyle with Curl Moisturizing Shine Oil for gorgeous shine and softness.

Massage it into your roots for enhanced volume. Once you’ve applied your finishing product.

You’re ready to rock your hair in any hairstyle you want due to the extra volume added in by using curl-enhancing products.

Use Protectant or oil for shine

FAQs Related to the Topic

What Settings Should We Use?

Your hair is a precious thing, and proper care is essential to keep it looking amazing.

It’s crucial to understand exactly how your locks need to be cared for differently based upon factors such as your hair’s length or texture as some might require more thorough maintenance than others.

For ladies with lovely, crisp curls that are left needing moisture, there are a number of things you can do to help prevent them from drying out!

First, always make sure you’re using the low or medium setting during your blow-dry.

You may think it takes longer for this temperature to style your hair but in fact, it helps limit how much frizz is induced by the blow dryer itself.

Another great tip is to use a cool burst about an inch away from ending your blowout.

This extra minute, in the end, allows for any remaining moisture in your strands to be absorbed into your hair shafts and set those curls tight.

How to Use the Diffuser Properly?

After you’ve completed your wash cycle and have added in your favorite styling product, part hair in the direction you’d like the hair to dry.

Some people might try to tell you to start diffusing right away, but letting some of the product set in without touching it while about forty-five percent dries help cut down on blow-drying time.

Using large sections, throw the wet hair over the diffuser attachment. Blow-dry everything on low heat and medium air settings.

Cup up towards your scalp while lifting your arms up like you’re hugging yourself. Hold the position for 10 to 20 seconds then move onto a new section until everything is crisscrossed in large tendrils of hair.

Make sure each follicle does not stand straight on end toward the ceiling (leave some bend).

Blow-dry one side of your hair then go back and dry any remaining moisture out of that section, then repeat the process with the other side of your hair.

Continue this process until your strands are 80% dry; then continue on by drying all remaining moisture with fingers by lightly running them through it while holding on to pieces of strands near the roots so as not to disturb curls too much.

How to Get Volume with a Diffuser?

Additionally, using a quality diffuser, certain styling products and tools can help increase volume.

A mousse is specially designed to give the hair added volume so if you’re going to use a diffuser, not only will it create an even more voluminous effect but you won’t have to worry about having considerably frizzy hair either.

Duckbill clips placed at the root prior to drying can also add bulk or volume where hair tends to lay flatter otherwise.

Drying the hair while it’s flipped upside down is one of the easiest ways to achieve major volume.

Do you diffuse curly hair with hot or cold air?

Getting your naturally curly hair wet in addition to applying product can create frizz. Use Your Hands Wisely: Gently detangle hair when washing then let the diffuser do its work when it’s time for you to dry.

Allow the diffuser to gently infuse your curls with air without tangling it up any more than necessary!

By using your hands less during this process, you guarantee to have fewer waves and curls.

This also helps reduce frizz which won’t ruin your curl pattern at all, leading to beautifully defined curls.

Should you use a heat protectant before diffusing it?

This is essentially the goal we are trying to attain when maintaining care for your curls.

The best way to prevent damage and twisting and frizz is through using a high-strength heat protectant, which will prevent breakage while adding extra hold, volume, and shine to your style.

Other key factors to consider when diffusing or air drying naturally curly hair include, but are not limited to avoiding over-styling products such as hairspray, gel, or mousse, spritzing with water while drying for additional moisture added before air-drying begins, turning the diffuser nozzle away from the face while operating a hood dryer or fingers never getting close enough to the heated surface of a curling iron that they get burned during maintenance.


If you have curly hair, you know the struggle of using a diffuser on your blow dryer. Diffusers tend to leave a frizzy, puffy look to the hair.

In this blog post, we will explain how to diffuse curly hair so that you can get a sleek blowout.

We have broken the instructions into five steps for easier reading. You can read these steps and diffuse your curly hairs properly.

I hope you enjoyed our article about how to diffuse curly hair. With this knowledge, you can take proper care of hairs while diffusing.

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