How to draw a Garlic Step by Step


Draw a Garlic Step by Step Tutorial

step by step drawing

This tutorial shows the way to draw realistic wanting garlic step by step. every step includes elaborated pencil drawing examples going from a line sketch to a pencil-shaded drawing. You can also my article on how to realistic birds drawing.

How to draw garlic step by step

This is a reasonably straightforward depiction and shading tutorial that may be smart for fairly new and intermediate artists. What makes it slightly completely different from a number of the others here on EasyDrawingTips is that that the majority of the shading is finished arcuate one-directional strokes.


Step one – Basic define Drawing

Garlic define sketch

Start by drawing a rough define form of the garlic. typically it’ll be the same as a planate the other way up the lightweight bulb.

Be sure to draw flare lines for this and the different depiction steps of the tutorial. whereas they will be a bit tougher to envision it’ll conjointly build them abundant easier to erase. lightweight lines also will mix higher with the shading that may be applied in later steps.


Step two– Draw the Individual Cloves

 Garlic basic depiction

Inside the previous define, the drawing adds the individual shapes of the garlic cloves. Erase elements of the defined drawing wherever required (bottom for example).

Next, you’ll be able to conjointly add some lines for the additional pronounced inner curves in every one of the cloves.

You should have a reasonably straightforward finished depiction of the garlic once done.


Step three – verify the sunshine supply & define the Shadows

Garlic depiction

In this case, the sunshine is coming back from the left facet and simply slightly on top of the garlic.

To make shading a bit easier you’ll be able to outline the darkest shaded in addition because the drop shadow. because the lightweight is coming back from the higher left most of those areas are on rock bottom and right facet of the garlic.


Step four – Basic Shading

Garlic basic shading

Once you end the road drawing portion of the tutorial you’ll be able to begin applying some basic shading to your drawing.

As mention earlier for this tutorial, we’ll principally be exploiting arcuate “one-directional” strokes as this shading technique is like-minded for showing the feel of the garlic.

You can see evidence of every stroke sort here:

Shading Techniques and Stroke sorts Drawing Tutorial

Apply the shading by creating a series of strokes that flow in the form of garlic. build darker strokes for the shaded areas however, don’t persist the pencil too arduous. you’ll be able to intensify the shadows later. For this step, you wish to urge the general distribution of sunshine and shadows across the surface.

The one place wherever you’ll be able to use crosshatch shading is that the shadow. Tho’ these can later be merge to the purpose wherever they’re barely visible.

Another issue to stay in mind once shading the drop shadow is that that it’ll be darker towards the bottom of the garlic and can step by step get lighter because it moves far from it.

Step five – Refined Shading

Garlic shading

Once you’ve stuffed the complete surface with some basic shading. You’ll be able to begin enhancive the shadows and smoothing out the gradients. Make certain to still keep applying strokes that flow in the form of the garlic.

Step six – Finished Drawing

Garlic drawing

To finish the drawing darken the shaded areas. And additionally, smooth the gradients of each garlic and therefore the drop shadow.


While this is often a  tutorial it can still be a touch of a challenge if you’re a beginner. If you discover yourself troubled and would really like to undertake one thing even less complicated see



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