How to Shrink a Shirt to the Perfect Size


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How to Shrink a Shirt: Steps to Follow

For an elegant appearance, a perfect look with fit clothes is the way to go. What if you have stuck in a headache of large clothes? It is an issue that would probably spoil your appearance. But, don’t worry, every problem has a solution, shrink a shirt or a piece of cloth with steps discussed below. 

Consider, you have won a shirt or someone has gifted a beautiful shirt to you. But, it is too large. This situation will often hesitate you. After reading this article, this won’t remain an issue for sure. With the below-mentioned simple and easy steps, you will often shrink a shirt you love. Get your desire come true and let these fruitful steps help you. 

With these methods say goodbye to loose clothes, and Hi to fit clothes. To shrink a shirt without reducing fabric’s quality, these methods have to be followed with some caution. In this article, we’ll discuss methods to help you wear elegant shirts without cutting or altering them. 


Fabric Material 


First, check the fabric material. It will ease you in applying the right procedure. Some clothes shrink more frequently than others. These include satin, cotton, and linen. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon require more effort and constrict less. Special precaution is required in printed fabric whether you have a shirt from a renowned online brand such as Apparel in click or from a traditional shop. Turn those fabrics from the inside out to avoid any damage. 


Shrink In a Washing Machine 


Boiled water will shrink your shirt. If you have a washing machine, you don’t require a pot of boiled water. A modern washing machine is a sigh of relief in this regard. Set it to hottest, then place your fabric inside. After a complete cycle, a tumble dryer should be your next move. Switch a high heat setting on the tumble dryer, and place your shirt in it.

Why high heat setting? You probably are thinking about this question. If you don’t switch your washing machine to a high heat setting, you won’t get the expected outcomes. For delicate and vintage fabrics, a high heat setting may be avoidable. It is better to use the medium-heat setting for this type of shirt. 

Have you completed these steps? Now, your shirt has shrunk and is ready to wear. 

If you wish to shrink more than one shirt, be sure to use the shirts with the same color and fabric to avoid any mishap.   


Shrink In Hot Water 


By heating a fabric, it shrinks. What if you don’t have a washing machine to go through this procedure? Boiled water! You require a pot with boiled water in it. Unlike washing machines, more care is required in them. Be careful while attempting this procedure. An inaccurate attempt can harm your hands or your skin. 

Follow the steps to get the finest outcomes. 

  1. Heat the pot filled with water and place your shirt or fabric in it. 
  2. Switch off the stove as it reached to boil. 
  3. Wait for five minutes
  4. Now, remove the pot’s top and allow it to cool. 
  5. Dry the shirt and if required, repeat the same procedure until your desired size is achieved. 

Although it requires a lot of care, it is an effective method to wear fit shirts at your convenience. 

The Fastest Way to Shrink a Shirt


Follow the steps for the fastest shrink:

  1. First of all, place your shirt in cold water. 
  2. As high heat setting is essential for shrinking a shirt, placed in a washing machine under a high setting
  3. The last step is to place it in a tumble dryer in a high-heat setting. For printed and delicate shirts, a medium-heat setting is a good option. 


Things to Remember


  • For shrinking too big shirts of natural fibers, you have to heat them at least five times in a high-heat setting. Repeat the procedure up till you get your required size. 
  • Between these attempts of shrinking a shirt, try on a tee to ensure whether it requires further attempts or not. 
  • If precaution isn’t taken in T-shirts having a design on them, they will get affected by heating. Ensure to turn it from inside out before washing. If you aren’t sure about fabric, it is better to read the above instruction about fabric. 
  • Natural fibers constrict easily than others. As we discussed above, heat is the solution to shrink a shirt. However, if you wish to reduce the wool size, hot steam is another way to go, but with the precaution normally mentioned in a fabric detail list. 
  • The best strategy is to know the type of fabric you want to shrink. Avoiding this step will spoil all efforts.
  • Not every fabric favors high heat. Moreover, ultra-high heat isn’t the right fit for your fabric.

To avoid this hassle of shrinking a shirt, it is better to wear body-fit shirts from Apparel in Click.  


Final Thought! 

Shrink loose shirt is the fabulous choice rather than buying another one. With care, all the above procedures are perfect. Are you ready to show off at a party or gathering with a smart look! Enjoy your gatherings and, surely, no one can imagine that you have shrunk your shirt with the above procedures. 

With care, the fabric remains soft after wash.

Can you shrink a shirt a whole size?

Cotton shirts may be shrunk in a kettle of boiling water instead. To shrink a t-shirt without using a dryer, follow these steps: #1 Bring a big saucepan of water to a boil. Wait 10 to 15 minutes before putting your clothing in the water if you want it to shrink from 14 to 12 sizes.

How many inches will 100 cotton shrink?

The short answer is that if you leave a 100% cotton shirt in the dryer for the whole period, which is usually approximately 45 minutes, it will shrink by roughly 20%.

Does cotton shrink every time you wash it?

Cotton clothing shrinks a tiny amount the first time it is washed, therefore I cut my clothes to allow for 5% shrinkage. If you follow the care label after the first wash, they should not shrink again.


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