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Human Rights and Its Importance in The Modern World

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Every year new human rights organizations pop up dedicated to fighting for the rights of people being subjected to persecution, oppression, and discrimination. Some of these human rights foundations focus on the violations and abuses occurring against a certain community. These include the rights of Palestinians, Uyghurs, Ukrainians, and other people. Other human rights foundations make it their purpose to defend human rights worldwide regardless of their background or origin.

Human rights violations regarding religion, civil, gender, racial, ethnic, and political backgrounds have been rampant across the world. The UN declaration of human rights has been the source of inspiration behind every human rights NGO. But without enforcement, the declaration has been null and void. The international court of Justice which is based in the Hague has proven that abusers of human rights and war criminals who commit crimes against humanity can be held accountable.

The trial and conviction of war criminals in Bosnia for genocide and ethnic cleansing have happened because of the efforts of these organizations to push for the search of these human rights abusers and put them on trial. The main purpose of these foundations is to deter similar violations and abuses occurring across the world. They apply legal means against leaders and military institutions that they consider to be conducting a campaign of oppression against a certain group.

The Holocaust set a precedent for human rights defenders to ensure that a similar carnage never occurs in the world and if it does, the perpetrators will face eventual justice. They become the voices of the voiceless under a tyrannical regime. The organizations represent refugees, asylum seekers, and tortured dissidents to highlight the crimes committed against them by dictators and abusers.

Campaigns of awareness by these organizations have been fundamental to preserving democracies. Protecting human rights is also protecting democracy and the democratic rights of all individuals. Democracies are created to represent every human being and his undebatable rights in the country.

The nations that are ruled by authoritarians focus on suppressing basic rights such as free speech, freedom of expression, and liberties. There are no organizations in those countries to defend the vulnerable. But the human rights organizations that operate in democratic nations have been unrelenting in their pursuit of giving a voice to these people and working to protect their rights in the international justice system. If there are no human rights in the world, there is only chaos and death.

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