Important FAQs about House Lifting


Do you wish to lift your house from one location to another? Well, we are sure you are already confused, pondering, and wondering. On top of it, considering the work and efforts that go into it, you are reconsidering your decision. Don’t worry, house lifting can actually be quite an efficient task, but only if you have the right people to do this job for you. Still, if you have any doubts creeping in your mind about this process, then you have to read this post very carefully.

Clear your doubts about the house lifting process

No doubt you will require help from a highly professional and experienced company in lifting your house from one location to another. There are going to be numerous ones available online. But you have to pick only the best company providing house lifting in Auckland like Roof View Construction. They have been lifting houses for years and have got ample experience in carrying out this difficult task with the help of their trained professionals. But since you are having lots of doubts in your mind, why don’t you read about the most frequently asked questions about the house lifting process?

Is it safe to lift a house?

Yes, house lifting can be a very safe process because of the latest technologies and machinery available with professionals. But remember, if you are doing it with the help of amateurs, you are never going to lift the house and place it at another location safely. So, being very careful in this step is important.

How long does it take to lift a house?

An average-sized house takes around 4 to 8 weeks to be lifted. This involves the process of removal of the pillars and other parts of the house from the ground. The amount of time depends upon the size of the house, foundation type, weather conditions, and the amount of elevation required to lift the house.

Is it cheaper to move a house or construct a new one?

Most of the house owners are confused about whether they should lift their house or construct a new one. So, in such a case, practical logic says that constructing a house from scratch requires lots of effort and investment as well. But since you are just moving your house from one location to another, you only have to pay for the workers who do the job and for the transportation and placing the house in its place. So, comparatively, the amount required to lift a house is lower than constructing anew.

Are official permissions required to lift a house?

Any kind of building work happening in the country requires official permission of the State. Without it, you just can’t start lifting your house and relocating it to another place.

We hope all your doubts about relocating your house and lifting it are clear now. But still, if you have some more doubts, then we would recommend you ask your go-to professionals in detail. They would be the best people to guide you about the entire process and provide an estimate of time and money. 


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