International Students Guide to Surviving While Study MBBS in Russia


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Students from all over the world come to study MBBS in Russia at the universities like Kazan Federal University (KFU) as studies are becoming more and more popular in the world’s largest country. But among those who are interested in the influence of new experiences and experiences, some are truly fearful of such a long journey.

Guide to Surviving While Study MBBS in Russia

  1. Admission Process to a Russian College

Be in touch with the admission manager. When you send an application, an admission manager will contact you and give you further instructions. You should prepare and send the important documents. Before you come, you should have your educational documents (certificates or diploma and transcript) notarized and Russian.

When a university like Kazan Federal University (KFU) welcomes them, an admission manager will write an invitation letter to them. The invitation letter includes the full home address required by your country, your city of birth, your city of residence, your visa issuing town, and the ministry of Russia. Just keep in mind that it takes half a month to complete the invitation.

  1. Useful Tip to Keep in Mind

All the foreign students arriving in Russia submit their passports to the visa department for registration with visa, migration card, contract (sent with invitation) within three days of crossing the borders of the Russian union. All foreign students must apply to extend their Russian student visa one month before the expiry date of a visa.

  1. Infrastructure in Russian Colleges

On your arrival day, you will bus to the hostel. A hostel on the SPbPU campus can cost 130 US $ to 180 US $ per month. This money includes food, transportation costs, laundry, and entertainment. Please note, like other Russian cities and areas, this price may vary according to the expenses. Ask your teacher or new acquaintances to go to the nearest supermarket, hospital, and bank.

  1. Student Safety in Saint Petersburg

However, on public transportation, and in some shops, cashless payments are not available, so you should keep some real money in your bag. Unauthorized cab drivers can cost you luck. Use licensed taxi services or public transport as their prices are fixed. Follow traffic rules and use the underground to cross the road to avoid city traffic.

  1. Getting Around in Town and Making Friends

If you are going to make a long trip, buy a ticket well in advance and get into a traffic jam because they can be crowded at any time not only. Russia is not an English-speaking country, most people only speak Russian that’s why it’s a good thing to learn some popular phrases in Russian, on arrival (or even before). Foreigners who notice St travel Petersburg it’s raining often. We strongly recommend you read the weather approach if the weather department says it will be raining, always take an umbrella with you.

  1. With The Help of a Tutor in Teaching International Students Will Be Able to Study Russia

Peter has a special institution called St. Petersburg polytechnic university, like Kazan Federal University (KFU) ‘Tutor Forces’. Its members are Russian students, who help international students feel comfortable at their new study place.

Teachers’ organization members realize that it is very important for international students who have come to study for the first time in Russia to help them with all the new issues.


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