Is dordle really a harder version of wordle?


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Word-guessing games such as Wordle are extremely similar to Dordle, with the exception that the features a unique twist. You are not looking for a single hidden word, but rather you are attempting to uncover two hidden words at the same time. The terrible catch, though, is that despite the increased difficulty, you are only given one additional guess to work with.

The rules of the game Dordle

In the thrilling word-guessing game known as Dordle, are you prepared to put your cognitive abilities and level of competitiveness to the test?

This clone of the game Wordle, which has sparked a craze among players all over the world, has arrived ready to put your patience and language skills to the test, with the goal of torturing you and making things as difficult as possible for you.

What Exactly Is Dordle, and How Do You Play Dordle on Your Mobile Device?

I’m going to explain what Dordle is and how to play the game for you in this video that I’ve created. If you’ve ever played Wordle, you might think Dordle seems quite familiar to you. Do you have what it takes to solve the dordle? Players in Dordle are charged with discovering a secret word by making a sequence of guesses, just like they are in Wordle. The catch in the game of Dordle is that participants have to figure out not one but two words. There are two main game modes available in Dordle: free play and the Daily Mode. Both free play and the Daily Mode operate in the same manner. The sole distinction is that participants in daily mode share the same word with everyone else for the duration of the day.

Free play option generates a new set of random puzzles at random intervals.

The only difference between Wordle and the game of dordle is that players in have to guess for both words at the same time. Other than that, the rules of both games are identical. There are seven possible answers to choose from when considering both words together.

Are you ready to compete against yourself as you try to figure out not one, but two hidden words at the same time?

Everything you input will affect both boards simultaneously, allowing you to make more guesses. You have 7 guesses to decipher two 5-letter words.

What is the answer to the Dordle 141 puzzle for today? (On the 14th of June, 2022)

When the letters you write match those of the original word, they will turn yellow. However, in order for them to turn green, they must also be in the correct location. You don’t have to wait until the next day to continue playing this entertaining game, which is one of the perks of choosing to do so!

After you guess, the tiles change color to show if you guessed a letter in the word and where to place it. Once you’ve guessed the words, there are no more hints. Confused? You’ll figure it out if you play the game.

Independent video game designer Guilherme Tows, who creates games under the banner of Zaratustra Productions, is the mind of it. Tows created Dordle by Wordle, which is “wordle + wordle.”

If you want a firm foundation, attempt to forecast vowels in as few guesses as feasible. Playing the game this way will give you a good solid foundation.

Answers to Today’s Dordle Word Puzzles (June 14, 2022)

Some Dordle puzzles are difficult than others, so here are some hints for #141:

  • Today’s Dordle words have no common letters.
  • The first word has just one vowel, but the second word has two of them. This is the second hint.
  • The first word begins with the letter F, and the second word begins with the letter C. This is the third hint.
  • The first term in this clue refers to an absence of common sense or folly. The following are today’s answers for answers 141:
  • 1st Dordle 141 Word – FOLLY
  • 2nd Dordle 141 Word – CIGAR

The online version of the game Dordle is a straightforward activity that has quickly become popular due to the ease with which it can be played and the limited number of times a player can try to solve the puzzle each day.


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