List Of Victorian Fashion Corsets That You Can Wear Everyday


In the Victorian era, women’s desire for an hourglass figure and a slim, tone waist reached its ultimatum. Corsets became a fashion necessity as they helped women to achieve the kind of body they wanted. Corsets were already famous in the sixteenth century in Europe. However, fame reached its highest peak by the late nineteenth century.

The victorian era fashion corsets were different from the corsets prevalent in the eighteenth century. How so? Their length went beyond the hips. It could flare up to the waistline. The corsets of the victorian era also had spiral stays made of steel that enhanced the curves of the bodies of the women.

Do you know enough about the fashion trends in the Victorian era? Are you aware that victorian hourglass figure corsets were trending during that period? Are you new to the burlesque vibes emanating from the vintage hourglass corsets?

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Read on to find out about the victorian fashion corsets that you can wear daily and so much more.

A brief discussion on victorian fashion –

The evolution and changes in the fashion industry began in the Victorian era. New materials for clothes were introduced in the market. How did that happen? It happened because of the advent of new types of machinery in the fashion industry.

With this change, makers began to attach laces and trims on the corsets and other types of dresses. Sewing machines efficiently and speedily did their job of sewing the laces on the corsets. Dyes were used on corsets and dresses as well to make the piece of clothing more stylish and more attractive.

Fortunately, the cost behind these new changes wasn’t exorbitant.

An example of a corset produced in the nineteenth century –

The name of the Victorian era fashion corset is Victorian Tapestry Overbust Corset. This is an embodiment of vintage corsetry fashion trending in the Victorian period. The dye used in the making of this corset was olive green.

A trim made of satin ribbons yellow in color is used in the corset. The purpose behind this was to match the trim with the olive green floral design present in the entire body of the corset.

Tightlacing was an important part of the Victorian fashion corsets. Hence, you can notice yellow satin ribbons used to make laces in the back portion of the corset. To make things even better, the modern-day version of this corset of the Victorian era comes with a color-coordinated G-string.

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How to pair pieces of victorian jewelry with a purple-colored victorian overbust corset?

Before the nineteenth century, jewelry was accessible to only wealthy aristocrats. This scenario changed during the 1900s when Victorian jewelry could be bought by all. The Victorian era was also known as the Romantic era. Hence, a royal blue colored necklace made of diamonds could be paired well with the corset given in the image.

This Victorian overbust corset is a show-stealer. You will be admired by all every day if you wear this corset outfit paired with the jewelry we have mentioned above.

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Now, let us talk about the design of the corset –

The length is long enough to touch the lower portion of your hips. It gives an illusion of a slim, long upper torso. Since tight lacing is an important part of Victorian corsetry, this corset also contains blue laces made of satin ribbons at the back. The elegant-looking bodice also has a hook. Finally, the raw materials used to make this victorian corset are cotton and spandex.

What kind of hairstyle gels with the beige-colored victorian overbust corset?

A woman’s outer appearance was incomplete till she has done her hair beautifully along with adorning jewelry. The hairstyle had to be such that it matched the victorian overbust corsets. In this case, we are talking about a beige-colored corset of the victorian era.

The hair had to be worn up with decorative and ornamental elements like feathers and other jewelry pieces taken from the trending fashion statement of that period.

The beige color is a feminine color which when paired with white-colored laces looks too innocent on any woman. Hence, this a perfect corset outfit for all women on any wedding occasion.

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How to ace the Victorian steampunk look before going to the library daily?

An idea about the corsets in Victorian literature can be gained from the novels like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. If you can wear the corsets famous during those times and read the book, the level of enjoyment and involvement would increase tremendously.

This Victorian overbust corset has ruffles and laces. It is of a copper color. The corset has a yellow ruffle trim along with white ruffle trim at both top and bottom ends. Also, there is lace around your bust area. If you could pair this particular corset with the correct type of accessories, then you would ace the steampunk fashionista look.

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What kind of Victorian fashion corset would go well with the Victorian art forms?

Victorian art brought about massive changes in the manner art was perceived before that. Initially, nobility was depicted in art all the time. However, that changed into a depiction of reality and morality during the Victorian era. People wanted to learn lessons from life. Those lessons were painted by artists who took upon the task as their prime responsibility.

If you want your corset attire to reflect those nuances of victorian art, you can choose to wear the corset with ruffles and laces and even the beige-colored overbust corset.

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Which type of footwear would match the bustier corset on an unforgettable night with your admirer?

Victorian footwear was everyone’s favorite. It was classy. And it was simple. It had a legacy of its own. Usually, women wore boots that covered the mid-calf portion of their legs. At times, they even wore stilettos. If you can pull off the Victorian era look by wearing boots under skirts, then you will be nothing less than a badass every day.

Choose a blue-colored bustier corset that has black ruffles all along. It is going to send the right signals to your partner if you are in for an unforgettable alone time with your partner. You can wear high heels along with the corset and thong.

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Cons of wearing victorian corset designs everyday –

Like any other waist training corset, Victorian-era fashion corsets have their fair share of disadvantages too. What are those? Let us find out.

  1. You can experience asphyxia if you wear too-tight corsets. Too-tight corsets can cause discomfort in breathing.
  2. Many women suffer from infertility and miscarriages due to the adorning of corsets.
  3. Your baby might be born deformed.
  4. Lastly, you can suffer from frequent fainting.

Final words on the victorian fashion corset for everyday wear –

If you have watched classic movies like Gone with the Wind, you must have witnessed women from the victorian era wearing corsets. They put in extra effort to project a slim, tiny waist. People can do anything for fashion’s and body image’s sake. So, wearing different types of victorian fashion corsets is just an example of this willingness to go to any length to look pretty.


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