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School administrators and park personnel may want to not only consider small playground equipment, but also provide age-appropriate features that stimulate creativity, friendship, and educational growth. How could you do this with a few slides, swing sets, and other playground essentials? Here are three things every preschool playground should be stocked with.

  1. Sandbox: If there’s one thing little kids love, it’s playing in the sand. Equipped with an array of shovels, buckets, and a variety of toys, preschoolers can feel like masters of the universe in the sandbox of the 메이저놀이터. This not only allows children to have fun playing with their friends but also encourages them to think creatively and build skyscrapers and castles out of packed sand. This is also a great safety feature, whether you just want a small sandbox in the corner of your playground, or want to cover most of the playground with sand. 
  2. Forts: When you think of school playgrounds, you may think of tire swings and seesaws, but one feature that every Major Playground should have is the various forts, playhouses, or similar four-walls. is a structure. These features are important because they can be used in many different ways depending on your child’s imagination. For example, a simple wooden structure with a roof can easily be transformed into a medieval castle, an infirmary, or a spooky cave in a dramatic play.
  3. Swing set: Enhancing friendships and social skills is a major function of preschool playgrounds. That’s why the swing set is so important. In addition to making the children feel like they are flying, the act of having another child on the swing helps promote teamwork and coordination. You can also learn to trust and rely on The same is true for other play equipment that provides the same play effect, such as seesaws and tire swings.

Simple and fun games for preschoolers to enjoy on the playground:

So how can you make your school playground fun and safe for preschoolers? Consider organizing these fun and easy games for your students.

Freeze Tag: Tag is a classic game for young and old. Freeze tag puts a little twist on this classic concept. One child should start as a seeker or “it” and tag as many other children as possible to bring new members to their team. However, the difference from a freeze tag is how the child is actually caught. Instead of automatically walking out when tagged, children must freeze in place and count out loud to 10. Other untagged children tag these players. There is an opportunity to unfreeze by

I Spy: This simple game is a great way to teach children how to observe their surroundings

One player begins by selecting an object in sight as her secret item. When this is selected, the player chants “I spy on something with my little eyes…” and inserts the hidden object’s color or vague description. Then other children can go around in a circle and take turns guessing what the item is. Set a limit on how many wrong guesses the other players can make before the first player wins. can also do.

Phone: For a simple game that is sure to get a laugh out of a preschooler playing on the Major Playground. Think of the old-fashioned phone game. Start by having the children line up in a row or horseshoe on the 메이저놀이터. Then the first child in turn comes up with a short phrase and whispers once in the ear of the adjacent player. Each child then whispers once in the next person’s ear and goes down the line. The last player then says the phrase out loud and the first player compares it to the original. 

Three tips for developing safe playgrounds for preschoolers:

If you want to create a play area for toddlers and preschoolers in your facility. Safety should be your number one priority. Small children are prone to slipping and require supervision and durable play equipment. However, if you’re used to supervising older kids who don’t need as much attention. This might be a change of pace. Here are some tips for playgrounds designed for preschoolers and how to make them safer.

  1. Beware of tripping hazards: According to Parenting Starts Here. Stumps and rocks around playgrounds can be a problem if you have young children in the area. Come to play. Keep in mind that it can stumble over time, depending on your environment. For example, bad weather can blow branches onto playgrounds.
  2. Be prepared for emergencies: GreatSchools says everyone who supervises a Major Playground should know where emergency equipment is located. In the event of an accident. Adults should know where to turn if they need first aid supplies to treat wounds. Pre-training people can dramatically reduce the chances of a serious accident.
  3. Teach children how to use play equipment: Children should taught how to use play equipment during visits. Additionally, items should inspect and considered safe before letting the little ones roam freely. Keep visitor safety in mind when designing your Major Playground. Observe height requirements and other restrictions that provide additional protection for preschoolers who may come to play.

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