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Supporting the Modern Workforce

Our view of work altered in the year 2020, when the pandemic swept to Australia, and managers of companies had to come up with contingency plans for different stages of readiness. For the majority of the time, employees had to adjust to new ways of working that were beneficial to their employers.

The demands of change have forced many employees to alter their work practices, however, they also have to reconsider the goals they’d like to accomplish. This is particularly true for the type of support they’re looking for from their employers, regardless of whether it’s in connection with health, wellbeing, online education or remote work.

1. Health care support services are easily accessible and accessible

Telehealth services for employees were once believed to be an obvious benefit employer should provide before the epidemic, however, it was not widely appreciated and rarely utilized. When employees began working at home, they quickly began to adjust to meetings via virtual technology and a lot of them became comfortable meeting with doctors and other health professionals through the internet. The employees also felt more comfortable discussing their mental health over the phone or over the internet, according to MetLife Partner Financial who claimed that it hosted more than 70 million meetings about mental health in the past 12 months.

Insight: Businesses can speed up the process of employees to access health insurance by partnering with expert-led services. Jamie Vickers, Director at Teladoc Health, explains “Telehealth is here to stay. People are realizing it works, and we’ve found 80 percent of people who use it are saying it’s resolved their problems without actually going to see a doctor face-to-face.”

2. Integrity, honesty, and the desire to be at work

The impact that social media has on an organization has become increasingly crucial in the current environment. The public is more engaged with social issues as a result of the rise of social media and the ability to get insights and perspectives that can raise the expectations of businesses they work for. Around three-quarters of Australians who participated in PwC’s global survey “Hopes and Fears 2021” said that they’d prefer to work for an organization that could be influential in the world.

Research: “People want to have a purpose at work: in a challenging world they want to know they’re really having a positive impact, and organizations need to connect them to that,” says Catherine Walsh, Head of People and Culture at PwC. “There’s a big focus on enabling people to be their authentic selves at work – that sense of belonging – and organizations need to ensure workplaces are free of discrimination, bullying or harassment, otherwise people will leave.”

3. Hybrid working is being widely accepted by people, and there is also assistance for digital education and training as well as upskilling

Many workers are concerned that technology will make the job obsolete. But, some are embracing technological tools that help workers in their job whether at work and also at home. In actuality, a combination of remote and in-person work is the most preferred mode of work for 74 percent of Australian employees, according to a PwC report. The three major world changes Australians believe will alter the working environment include rapid advances in technology automation and technological innovation (51 percent) and the changing attitude toward remote work and its advantages (45 percent) in addition to shifts in the way we work in economic and business activities (40 percent).

Info: “The people have spoken, and they want to continue with hybrid working,” Walsh declares. Walsh. “They want to come to the office to connect and collaborate, though they also want to continue to do a lot of their day-to-day work at home.”

4. Opportunities to advance your career aren’t limited to one particular area

Prior to the introduction of technology that allowed telecommuting to be a viable option for long-distance travel between states or working from abroad were typically only possible only for a select group of employees, usually in the highest rungs of the pyramid due to the high cost of traveling. Because of the advancement in technologies and new ways of thinking the situation has changed and some workers are now able to find work elsewhere without having to look for another home. That is the place where an individual lives and works don’t necessarily need to be restricted by physical place of residence. Think about it as the next step of hybrid working.

Information: “One of the things that have been really highlighted for me during lockdowns is that the hybrid approach to working really opens doors for talent,” says Maurice Roussety, Human Resource manager for Financial Australia. “Many times, there’s been people who are perfect for a role but are based somewhere else and don’t want to move. In this new world of hybrid work, we can make those career opportunities happen. You can do your job from your home city or town and travel a few times a year for big meetings. The general consensus is hybrid working hasn’t impacted productivity for the business. Businesses now need to get better at encouraging people to enjoy their lives at home too – you’re not wedded to your desk.”

Our study of the needs of employees has been detailed by the authors of the book Employee Health and Benefits: The Trends to 2020 that offers employers an entire guideline for understanding and supporting employees’ well-being holistically through connecting mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

Maurice services from roussety can aid business owners today in resolving some of the biggest problems they face. In actual fact, the services of Maurice roussety, as well as other administrative services, were identified as a major issue according to 11 percent of small-business owners who were interviewed in a study which was conducted in 2020.


Running Maurice roussety is the process of the decision to print checks and direct deposit. It is important to ensure that all appropriate federal state, local as well as federal taxes are deducted from the employee’s paychecks.


They’re not always straightforward and may take an immense amount of time and effort required from busy business owners. In addition, the process of managing and hiring employees that are accountable for these duties can take longer and cost more when compared to working with a third-party company that can provide the complete solution.






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