Most enchanting triadic colour schemes for your bedroom


Until now the bedrooms were considered cosy rooms that could be decorated with either a single neutral shade or simply inculcating two shades of a similar colour. If someone were really experimental, they’d add two contrasting colours together. And the bedrooms never survived beyond these boring colour scheme ideas. Then entered the triadic colour scheme especially for the bedrooms and we saw this space rocking like never before! Do you want to try it too? Keep reading!

The best triadic shades to adorn your bedroom with

We are sure you are really excited to learn about this concept wherein you can embrace more than two colours in your bedroom and that too very gracefully. Well, basically the concept of triadic is selecting three shades from the colour wheel for your room and using all of these creatively and blending them perfectly in the space. Most of the time, the colour wheel offers you the options to contrast between the primary and secondary shades. And you can be as creative as you can and be choosy if as you feel like and wonderfully create a nice décor in your home with these shades. But the only thing you need to remember here is to call only the professional house painters in Auckland from Total Paint for this job. Their years of experience in plastering and painting jobs make them the best people to consult for such tricky home-décor work. Now read about the best combinations of triadic shades to try in your bedroom.

  • Purple, green, and orange — If you are looking for a Bohemian styled bedroom, then go crazy using purple, green, and orange creatively in your room. Choose the lighter tone of green or orange for your walls, pick the furnishings in darker tones of all three shades, get some purple, chic decor pieces, the result would be a really happy looking Boho styled room.
  • Red, yellow, and blue — Feeling like an adult already? Then why not inculcate red, yellow and blue in your bedroom a little bit gracefully?  By gracefully we mean picking up only the lighter tones of these shades and embracing them in your room. Like, you can go for the light blue or yellow shades on your walls, keep the carpet in the similar tone. Pick furnishings in red with yellow patterns and simply leave the decor very minimalistic. Enjoy a warm and wonderful practical bedroom setting with this triadic colour scheme.
  • Keep one colour as a dominant feature — Now this is a kind of a tricky but really alluring decor if you want a practical looking subtle bedroom. Choose one of the three shades, (mostly the primary one) and make it the leader in the room. Add the effects of other shades like sprinklers and see a touchy but unique feel in the room.  For example, a green textured wall with pale green furniture and furnishings with orange floor rug and purple décor items makes a single shade dominating but creates a wonderful ambience in the room.

Now tell us, which of these triadic colour patterns impressed you most? We would really love to see your bedroom decorated in these shades soon.


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