My Favorite Newspaper English Essay


My Favorite Newspaper English Essay

Along with the spread of education, the publication of newspapers is also increasing in the country. There are many newspapers available in our city. The one I like the most is the famous English daily ‘Navbharat Times’.

1 News Feature

2 different departments-column discussion

3 other features

4 Impact on me

Feature of News

Navbharat Times is a popular, unbiased and authentic daily. It is counted in the national newspapers of the country. The headline printed in big letters on its front page gives details of the latest and important events of the country and the world.

In this, along with local events, important events of the country and abroad are discussed. His picture is also accompanied by special news. The news of ‘Navbharat Times’ are comprehensive and reliable. Along with complete information about the events in them, their complete analysis also remains.

Discussion of different Departments-column

Navbharat Times is a complete daily. Apart from news, its other departments also prosper. Its satirical pictures are very accurate and touching. Its ‘Kante Ki Baat’ pillar is really very stinging. Under the ‘Bright’ column, people’s perspective on a current topic is published along with their photos.

Readers express their views about various topics under the ‘Your Mind’ column. In the ‘Aaj’ column of the newspaper, information about the programs coming in the channels of Doordarshan is given. A local event is discussed under ‘Premises’.

A page of ‘Navbharat Times’ is reserved for sports news. In addition to illustrated news of local, national and international sporting events, reviews of sports experts are also given on this page.

Other Characteristics

Every day special articles are given in this newspaper on some or the other topic. The programs of Doordarshan are reviewed under the title ‘Rang Tarang’.

There are useful articles for women under ‘Urvashi’ and interesting discussions about films in ‘Cinema’. The Sunday issue of ‘Navbharat Times’ is really fascinating and readable. It contains stories, poems, articles related to Ayurveda and art and culture.

Impact on me

I read Navbharat Times everyday. I love its ‘Dharma Kshetra’ and ‘Ekda’ pillars very much. Reading this has improved my language and my knowledge has increased. I have learned a lot from its editorial articles. Truly ‘Navbharat Times’ is an ideal newspaper. I consider him my ‘guru’.

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Role- Today newspaper has become an essential part of life. The power of the newspaper is limitless. In democracy, it has even more importance. The progress of the country depends on the newspapers itself. Newspapers and their editors have made a special contribution in the freedom struggle of India. Some have called it the ‘perpetually moving parliament of the people’.

Representative of the people- Nowadays newspapers are the biggest means of spreading the ideas of the people. It is not the object of the rich but the voice of the people. This is the call of the oppressed and downtrodden. Today they are the parents, schools, colleges, teachers, theatres, role models and catalysts of the masses. Counselors and partners are everything. They represent the views of the people in the true sense. Therefore, newspapers are the biggest shelter of the destitute.

Miscellaneous material – What is not in two and a half rupee newspaper? Cartoons, important and entertaining news from across the country, editorial articles, scholarly articles, reports of speeches by politicians, notices of trade and fairs and materials used by women and children in special editions, critiques of books, plays, stories, serials, Novel, humorous, satirical articles, etc. have special material.

Contribution to social reform- Newspapers are very helpful in removing social evils. Newspaper news corrects the mood of elders. Newspapers are a beautiful instrument of light and denial of government policy. They can also improve governance.

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