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Untreated pain can lead to serious health problems.  Each client has the right to pain relief. Because nurse aides spend so many hours with clients, they Prosoma have a good understanding of pain and how it can be managed. This information can be shared with your nursing assistants to start the process.

What is Pain?


  • An unpleasant sensation that causes discomfort, distress, or even agony.
  • Uncomfortable feelings that indicate something is wrong with your body.
  • A message that travels from the brain to the nerve cells throughout the body.
  • It is difficult to describe because each person feels the sensation differently.


Pain isNOT:


  • It is a normal part of aging.
  • It is necessary to “build character”.
  • A measurement that can be done with an x-ray or a blood test.
  • All this is in the heads of people.
  • For many, particularly those over sixty-five, it is important to be as well-managed and organized as possible.


What is Pain Management?

The process of providing medical treatment to relieve or reduce pain is called pain management. This Pain O Soma an essential part of client care, as every client deserves pain relief. The health care team must all work together to:


  • Every client’s pain report should be taken seriously.
  • Assess the pain level of each client. It is not enough to do a one-time assessment. You must do it on a regular basis.
  • All pain should be treated according to the physician’s orders. If the doctor gives you medication orders, make sure that you use them effectively.
  • Other than drugs, there are other ways to reduce pain.
  • Clients and their families can learn all about pain relief options, including the risks, benefits, and costs.


Understanding your client’s pain is the first step!

Is your client suffering from Acute pain?

Acute pain is one that lasts for less than 24 hours and can last up to six months. Acute pain is usually sudden and can be caused by injury, disease, inflammation, or illness. It disappears once the healing process has completed.

Acute pain is usually a warning sign that the body needs to fix a problem. Acute pain is usually easily treated and diagnosed. This makes it easier for people to feel sorry.

Acute pain is often obvious. Acute pain can actually “revamp” the body by causing pale, uncomfortable skin, an increase in heart beat, respiratory rate, and blood pressure.

Or is your client’s pain chronic?

Chronic pain is one that lasts for at least six months. Chronic pain often develops slowly. It is possible for people to have difficulty identifying the origin of chronic pain and/or describing it.

Chronic pain is useless as it continues long after healing has ended. Chronic pain may be hard to diagnose and can persist despite being treated.

Chronic pain can cause people to not know the source of their discomfort. Some people may appear depressed. Chronic pain can cause a body to “slow down”, causing a decrease of heart rate and blood pressure. Because there may not be a visible cause, others may not sympathize with chronic pain.


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