Repair OR Replace Your Damaged Computer – How to Decide?

Repair OR Replace Your Damaged Computer - How to Decide?

No computer or laptop in this world lasts forever! Still, we want to stretch its life as long as it can.

Computer repair and upgrades are very helpful in increasing the life of the device. However, at a specific time, we need to understand that PC repair is not an option. And you might need to replace your computer with a new one rather than wasting money on the old one.

As your device gets old, you will get a new version of macOS or windows updates, which can weigh heavily on the laptop. Furthermore, some apps may get updated by themselves over time. And it causes trouble in loading folders or web pages.

To ease your work, we have compiled a list of few points. It will help you to know whether your device needs repair or replacement. Let’s take a dive!

Decide Between Computer Repair And Replacement

1. Price

Undoubtedly, the cost is the topmost factor to consider when you need laptop repair services in Singapore or any other nation. So basically, the first and basic step is to compare the cost of replacing and repairing the device. If the repair cost is similar to replacing then we highly recommend buying a new laptop or PC.

There are many business entities and individuals that use the “50 percent rule.”

This rule says that PC repairs or data recovery services for a given device may exceed 50% of the total cost. Then without having any second thought, forget to repair and go for the replacement.

For example, the cost of your laptop is $1000, and the repairing cost is $550 then, forget repair. Most financial advisors recommend buying a new PC.

Now you might be thinking about 50% extra cost. To clear your doubts let us tell you that your old PC has already reached a worse stage. And it may have issues again and again in the future. However, buying the new option will be more cost-efficient, and it will save you money in the long run.

2. Condition and Newness

Above all, the quality and newness of the computer or laptop are also important. The first thing is, how old is your device?

Outdated or older PC tends to have more issues. They are more susceptible to component wear-down and similar risks. While the new device will hold up for the longer run. And if there is a minor fault in the new system, then it can be resolved and will last longer.

Considering qualities and conditions matters a lot when you are deciding over computer repair and replacement.

For example; many people choose replacement over repair even if repairing is low cost. This is because a new model of PC or laptop has specific amenities or features that the old one does not have.

3. Features

As you know, features are always an appealing option. It makes your computer desirable and attractive to users. But keep in mind that what your role is and what features are needed.

For example, you are a content writer and want a system with a high processor. It might be considered foolishness. You can even work on an average processor computer.

One more situation, if you are a video editor, then you won’t be able to work on a laptop with a low- processor.

But in this case, you can go for a motherboard replacement. It will give users a chance to upgrade their PC or laptop to the latest processor technology.

So this is a situation where you need to decide requirements by yourself.

4. Device Warranty

It’s very necessary to check out the warranty period of your system. When you are making your final decision, don’t forget to go through the warranty period.

For example, when your laptop or computer is under warranty then, you don’t need to pay a penny. An existing warranty will allow you to repair and replace the device at no cost.

Further, you can check out and contact your supplier about extending the warranty or repairing procedure. So, whenever you opt for a new laptop or computer, the service and warranty permitted will be a significant factor to keep in your mind.

5. Time For Repairing

Time is money waste it now and pay for it later!

This phrase is perfectly suited for this factor to consider when computer repair and replacing are choices.

For example, your laptop is not working, and it has the most confidential data you need now. So, in this case, there will be no use in sending it for repairs and waiting for days. Instead, you might buy a new one to continue work according to time.

A Quick Guide To Checkout

Undoubtedly, viruses, accidental hardware damage, and slow performance are the main factors that make you think about replacement. But, a broken laptop never indicates that you have to buy a pricey replacement. So have a look at the main points to consider:

  • First, identify the root cause of the problem in your computer or laptop. Some problems, like battery issues or broken screens, are genuine reasons to replace them. While other issues, like motherboard troubles, hard drive difficulties, and slow performance, demands an expert’s support.
  • Secondly, when your PC is insured or under warranty, you can contact the insurer or manufacturer. Replacement or repairs might get covered by their policy.
  • The third is the cost of replacing or repairing your PC or laptop. By comparing the costs, you will easily find out the benefits.


In conclusion, if you are aware that a single component can be the reason for slowing down your computer, then upgrading can help you. It might extend the lifespan of a PC or laptop. But if there are many components, you need to replace your system.

We hope this article might help you to choose the right option between replacing and repairing a computer. So, these points are definitely going to help you in choosing the best-suited option.

What you are choosing computer repair or replacement? Do let us know in the comment section!


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