RYT Certified: Everything You Need to Know


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The field of yoga has numerous teaching opportunities. To avail them, there are multiple yoga certifications and teacher training courses. Hence, to become an efficient yoga teacher, you should earn an RYT certification. However, before that, you should know what are your goals and what is your current level of yoga practice.

With that said, let’s first know what are the different types of RYT certifications. Then, you’ll have a glimpse of how 200 RYT certification differs from 300 RYT. Moreover, go through the various points to know whether you are ready for the certification or not. Let’s move further.

The Yoga Alliance

One of the topmost organizations looking towards the international standards of yoga is the Yoga Alliance. The Yoga Alliance is a US-based not-for-profit organization that ensures there is access to true and authentic knowledge of yoga across the world.

For this purpose, the Yoga Alliance issues certifications and keeps a record of all the registered yoga schools and yoga teachers. Moreover, the Yoga Alliance certification is worldwide credible. Therefore, you won’t find any difficulty in finding a yoga job even if you move out of your country.

Types of Certification

Here are some certification courses that you should enroll in to expand your yoga career. Keep reading.

200 RYT Certification

To earn a 200 RYT certification, you should first complete the 200 hour yoga teacher training course. However, make sure you complete your yoga training from a registered yoga school.

300 RYT Certification

300 hour yoga teacher training is an intermediate-level course you have to complete to earn the RYT certification. Make sure you enroll in a registered yoga school to complete the 300 hour YTT course. Then, you should apply to the Yoga Alliance to earn the 300 RYT certification.

500 RYT Certification

One of the most advanced yoga teacher training courses, the 500 hour YTT course is necessary for 500 RYT certification. On the completion of your course, you can apply for the 500 RYT certification.

Is RYT Certification Necessary?

There is an expansion of yoga practitioners day by day. Hence, the need to differentiate the serious from the non-serious ones grows exponentially. That is where the RYT certification comes into play.

Now, whether RYT certified is necessary completely depends on the yoga practitioner. If you want to teach yoga in any part of the world, you need a yoga certification. Not just any but the Yoga Alliance RYT certification.

However, in case you want to pursue yoga for the sake of personal well-being and have no desire to teach yoga, you can be exempted from the RYT certification.

200 RYT Certification Course vs 300 RYT Certification Course

Level of Difficulty

The 200 RYT certifiedcourse is for beginners or newbie yoga practitioners. Hence, it is not much difficult to enroll and practice the basic yoga asanas. However, the 300 RYT certified is for intermediate yoga practitioners. Hence, you should be prepared to have an intense yoga practice. Therefore, yoga practitioners should think twice before enrolling in any one of the yoga courses.

Time Duration

As far as the time factor is concerned, the 200 RYT certified course lasts for 28 days. On the other hand, 300 RYT certified course takes about 40 days to complete. Hence, you can imagine the level of depth in the 300 hour YTT course you need to earn the 300 RYT certification.


Since the 300 RYT certified course has deeper knowledge and goes on for more days, the curriculum and syllabus are more. On the other hand, 200 RYT is concerned with the basics of various yogic practices. Therefore, spend a little more time to know about different elements of both yoga courses so that you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Eligibility Criteria

To enroll in a 200 YTT course, you need no prior experience. However, for a 300 hour YTT course, you should be practicing yoga for at least a year. That way, you become eligible to participate and cope up with the intense yoga practice.

How to Know if You are Ready

You should not enroll in any certification course just because someone asked you to. Make sure you ask yourself some basic questions first before enrolling in an RYT certified course. Let’s see what could be those basic questions. Enroll in a certification course only if:

  • Have enough time to spare for the yoga teacher training course
  • Desire to learn and master yoga
  • Want to teach yoga across the globe
  • Thinking about making a career in the yoga or fitness world
  • Can bear intensive yoga practice
  • Have an open mind to unlearn the years of wrong knowledge
  • Want to have a stronger connection with yourself
  • Test your physical as well as mental limits, and much more

There are so many other factors that play a huge role in deciding whether or not you are ready for the RYT certified course.

200 RYT Certification Syllabus

Let’s have a basic understanding of what you’ll learn in the 200 RYT certified course. Once you know about the basic course, you can further assume that the syllabus goes deeper in advanced courses.

  • A Plethora of yoga poses
  • Different types of meditation practices
  • Plenty of breathing exercises
  • Knowledge about human body anatomy
  • Teaching methodology
  • Basic yoga philosophy
  • Knowledge about energy centers
  • Different forms of yoga
  • Various yoga sequences
  • Yoga alignment and whatnot

How to Earn RYT Certification?

You need to follow a process to earn an RYT certification. Let’s have a brief about what you should do.

  • Choose a registered yoga school
  • Look for a relevant yoga training course
  • Enroll in a yoga teacher training
  • Complete the course
  • Apply to the Yoga Alliance for the RYT certification

Make sure you check all the necessary information before applying for the certification. Every yoga certification has a different set of requirements that you should meet. On the fulfillment of those requirements, you earn an RYT certification.


Earning an RYT certification opens a field of vast opportunities for you. Not just do you gain a prominent place in the yoga world but also get a lot of genuine followers with the help of Yoga Alliance. Just make sure you continue your personal yoga practice. That way, you’ll learn and explore more about your mind, body, and soul.

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