Smart tips to buy the best bar stools


Can you imagine enjoying your drink while standing near the bar? Obviously, this is not possible and certainly not accepted. A drink should be ideally enjoyed while you are sitting on a comfortable stool and sipping it in small leisurely gulps. So, now you are aware of the importance of a good bar stool. But do you know how to buy one for your bar?

Check these factors when buying a bar stool

Regardless if it’s your home bar or you’re looking for stools for your pub, you certainly can’t function properly without adding some bar stools near the counter. And Luxe Living has wooden bar stools in Auckland and is the best place to get these for your bars. They have luxury furniture of great quality for your entire house and offices. So, when you visit them to buy your bar stools, remember the following pointers:

1. Keep your counter height in mind

Your bar stool should be bought as per the height of your counter. Do keep this thing in mind when you’re buying your bar stools. In some places, the bar stools are of more height than the counter, but for this, you have to go for counter stools instead. Shorter heights of bar stools are very rare and often not recommended for the bars.

2. The material of the stool

Some of you love wood as the primary object of décor in your home. If this is the case and wood reins most of your bar area or the room in which this is located, then you should definitely go for wooden bar stools. But if you have a mixture of metal, wood, and fibre in the place, then you shouldn’t hesitate in trying these variants as well. The seating could be of leather or microfibre for added comfort.

3. Convenient features are also required

A bar stool can be as convenient as you like but the only matter is to choose the one which has all these factors that you require. Like, you can go for the adjustable size of these or there are even foldable bar stools available which can be a great addition for compact spaces.

4. Back height and comfort are essential

While backless bar stools are great options to consider, considering the comfort factor is also necessary. The ones with backrests are considered to be popular for home bars. This makes the seating more comfortable. Even low back stools are widely seen in the market, but the comfort level is comparatively less in such a case.

5. Don’t forget your interiors

The bar stools should definitely not seem out of place in the context of the interiors. It should match the décor and color palette of the entire area. Let it be a fantastic part of this room rather than be just a muted component of your bar zone.

The barstools can never be uncomfortable, that is for sure. But apart from this, you also have to keep in mind that these are complementing your décor seamlessly. Also, don’t forget to pick the material of the stools which are durable and long-lasting. After this careful selection, you can enjoy your drink comfortably at the counter now!  


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