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Spirit Airlines History and Reviews: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Spirit Airlines History and Reviews: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

by Emilyrodhas
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If you travel frequently, you’ve probably heard of Spirit Airlines. This low-cost carrier has been in business since 2007. And flies to multiple Spirit Airlines destinations all over the United States, Mexico. And Central America as well as the Caribbean. However, not all Spirit Airlines reviews are positive and some travelers are even calling it the most hated airline in America. Before booking your next flight with Spirit Airlines, be sure to read this detailed guide on its history and customer reviews to make sure it’s the right choice for you.

Meet Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson is founder of Spirit Airlines. Dickinson got his start in aviation working as a pilot for Elite Airways. In 1983 he left to create his own airline, which would become known as Frontier Aviation. And later rebranded as Spirit. Under his direction, Spirit has found success largely by focusing on affordable fares. And customers who might have otherwise flown with other airlines but were put off by their high fees or inconsistent service. Most notably, Spirit made waves with their paperless Spirit Airlines ticketing system – allowing passengers to purchase flights via a phone call at Spirit Airlines Customer Service Contact Number or an online chat instead of at an airport ticket counter. To learn more about how it all began for Bruce Dickinson and how he helped launch one of America’s most interesting airlines in recent history check out our comprehensive history guide below!

How did it all start?

Spirit was founded in 1988 by a man named Ben Baldanza, who served as its president for 23 years. His goal was to create an airline that would bring costs down for travelers without sacrificing too much comfort. Spirit began with two planes flying Spirit Airlines between Fort Lauderdale and New York City. Today it has grown into a network of more than 50 domestic cities. It serves both leisure and business travelers alike with what some might call low-cost carriers or ultra low-cost carriers, meaning it doesn’t have all of the frills that other airlines offer but rather offers Spirit cheap flights to keep prices low for everyone.

How were they rated in 2015?

Spirit Airlines had a great year in 2015. According to consumer air travel rating site Skytrax, they were ranked as one of the best low-cost carriers in North America. They were also rated as having one of the most improved business class by Business Traveller Magazine. These are positive ratings for any company that travels such a long journey to success; it’s not easy for companies like Spirit to be recognized for their hard work and dedication towards helping customers save money when traveling via commercial Spirit flights. That being said, Spirit has some definite room for improvement – read on to learn more about their history so far and what other people have had to say about them.

What is Spirit Like Today?

No airline is perfect. You’ll have to sacrifice something when you choose a budget carrier over one of its more expensive competitors. With Spirit Airlines, we’re talking cost versus convenience. If you want to save money on your next flight, you may be willing to make a few sacrifices. But how does Spirit stack up against competitors? To find out what’s good—and what’s not so good—we dug into an exhaustive history of Spirit Airlines reviews. Here’s what we found!

A better way to save on airfare

If you’re planning on flying Spirit Airlines anytime soon, there’s a good chance that you aren’t looking forward to paying sky-high prices for your Spirir Airline tickets. It’s hard not to have a stressful travel experience when you are constantly worried about how much everything is going to cost. Luckily for you, there is a way that can ensure that your flight will be cheaper than it would otherwise be—bulk buying Spirit plane tickets. By having friends or family members buy their tickets at once, they can get big discounts while simultaneously ensuring they are sitting with their group on the Spirit Airlines plane. Just do everyone a favor and make sure that no one sits in an exit row during takeoff or landing! You never know what could happen…

Where do they fly?

Spirit’s fees vary widely. Unlike most airlines, Spirit doesn’t charge a fee for a second checked bag (within reason). For example, you don’t pay extra to check an oversize bag on Spirit—it’s free as long as your first Spirit checked bag is also under 50 pounds. That said, Spirit does charge for carry-on bags; a carry-on must be smaller than 21 inches tall and 14 inches wide in order to fly free.

What are the fees like at Spirit Airlines?

Spirit is famous for not publishing all of its fees upfront (and omitting many that you’ll run into in practice). You’ll need to pay extra to Spirit check a bag, or bring an item on board with you. If you want to choose your seat or get any other kind of special service in advance call Spirit Airlines Flights Customer Service, it will cost you extra. You might even have to pay extra just to find out how much it would cost! Generally speaking, if there’s a fee attached to doing something on Spirit, expect it to be pretty high. Despite its extremely low fares in some cases, Spirit may end up costing more than other airlines due to hidden fees like these.

Should you book on another airline or with another company besides Spirit?

One of Spirit’s biggest advantages is their low prices. However, you can get a better Spirit Airline deals with other airlines. Delta Air Lines has an average of $2,000 more in savings than Spirit. Some customers have found success by flying with JetBlue or Southwest on one end of their flight and paying a small fee to connect onto a Spirit flight at another airport. Flying into Las Vegas means that customers can also use ride-sharing apps such as Lyft or Uber to save even more money on transportation costs—if they don’t mind connecting flights in Vegas instead of flying nonstop from their home city.

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