The top 5 weekend fun plans for your kids!


Weekends are always fun! It’s the ideal time to dedicate to some exciting activities with your family. The children of the house are always waiting for the weekend so that their parents can spend as much time with them as possible and they can enjoy it together. We assume even your kids are waiting for a fun time each weekend and apparently you are out of ideas now. So, let us help you with some amazing ideas to spend some fun time with your kid during the weekend.

Enjoy with your kids through these fun activities in the weekend

Come aboard mommies and daddies, here are some of the most exciting and stimulating ways to spend a happy weekend with your kids. Our warning – try these at home for sure, they are electrifying!

  • Head to a picnic — One of the best weekend plans that will certainly delight your child would be taking the kid along, packing yummy sandwiches, ham cheeseburgers, pastries, and juices, and heading towards a nearby picnic spot. It may be a park or just a lakeside, you only require getting away from the house for your dose of weekend fun. Pro tip – take your badminton or tennis racquet, frisbee, or ball to add more excitement and activity to your picnic.
  • Plan a Disney movie —There is nothing more thrilling and exciting than watching the latest Disney movie with your child. Not only are you providing your kid with a fun entertainment factor at home or at the theatre, but you are even cherishing the nostalgic feeling after watching this movie.
  • Go to visit the elders — Like your kids, even the elders in the family like the granny and grandfather wait for the weekend earnestly. So, take along your kid with you to visit them and spend a day with them. With regular treats and a large family brunch along with lots of family chatter and talks, you won’t even know how rapidly the weekend would pass and your kid would love you for this (and perhaps cherish you more as and when you become a grandparent).
  • Hire a bouncy castle — The next very enticing weekend option that we have for you is opting for a bouncy castle hire in Auckland from Bouncing Kiwis. They provide you with the best quality of bouncy castles in innumerable options and sizes. You can pick the one that your child loves the most and even the size of it is as per the number of children you are planning to have at home. You can call your child’s cousins at home and have a large family party or simply invite their friends and keep the bouncing castle in the backyard for unlimited fun and enjoyment.
  • Head to the Museum or zoo — Knowledge and fun can co-exist together for unlimited enjoyment during the weekend. Spend a fruitful time with your child by taking the kid to these places and spend a thrilling time digging the historical blessings and even enjoy watching the animals with utmost curiosity.

So, aren’t these ideas totally astounding and stirring? Now, every weekend shall be fun and exciting.  


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