Things That Can Make Your Clean Windows Look Dirty


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In the current day and age, with so much pollution going on in the earth’s atmosphere, every business owner out there should keep their exterior windows clean & tidy at periodic intervals. But, if the business is situated in an area where there is too much dirt & dust, then window cleaning should be carried out more frequently. Additionally, the window cleaning frequency should be adjusted based on the weather as well as other environmental factors too.

Therefore, to help you know more regarding how clean windows become dirty over time, we have listed some of the primary factors on why that happens. So, without further wasting any precious seconds, let’s dive right into the topic. 

Factors That Make Your Spotless Windows Look Dirty

  • The Outside Wind

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you but outdoor wind can easily kick up dirt & dust, making it airborne over time. Such dust & dirt will then cling to the window exteriors and thereby make them appear dirtier than before – which is the reason why professionals use window cleaning poles. Even though some buildings may be shielded from the outside wind via other buildings, the same is not the case every time. 

The windows on buildings that are hit directly by the wind become drier quickly than the windows which are shielded from the outside wind. Furthermore, in some seasons such as summer & winter, winds blow heavily. Spring tends to be the windiest of the lot, which means that March & April needs more window cleaning than other yearly months.

  • The Air Pollution

There’s no denying that the outside air of the earth’s atmosphere is filled with all kinds of contaminants that tend to build upon the window exteriors over time. There are particle pollutants, smoke, airborne, mold spores, pollen, and so on, which are quite prone to stick up on window surfaces. Such is the reason why windows of buildings become dirty, especially if your business is located in an area where there are high levels of pollution. 

Moreover, the rate of air pollution increases during the winter season because the weather becomes dry and dust & dirt become staple pollutants. That’s why the winter months tend to be the worst when it comes to window cleaning. 

  • The Use Of Inefficient Window Cleaners

In case you don’t know, your windows can get dirty pretty quickly if you use a window cleaner that leaves residue after the completion of the cleaning procedure. Dirt & dust particles stick to this residue and make your windows look worse. 

So, if you notice that your windows are getting dirtier than before after changing the window cleaning solution, it means that the cleaning solution is the main culprit here. 

  • The Utilisation Of Hard Water

Rinsing windows with hard water, even on a daily basis, will make the windows look dirtier than not rinsing them at all. This is because hard water contains various kinds of impurities that get deposited as a residue on the glass surface of windows when you try to clean the same. 

Hard water contains multiple minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and the likes, which tends to leave a chalky white residue on your window glass once the water evaporates. The tap water that you might be using can look relatively clean, but the added impurities will only be found out when you decide to utilize the same water for cleaning your windows. 

So, unless your windows are really deep in debris & dirt, there’s no point in trying to clean them using hard water. It’ll only make matters worse. 

Thus, it’s better to get in touch with a professional window cleaner for the same, so that you can invest your precious time on your business side of activities. 


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