Tips to design the best neutral living room


Gone are the days when people thought neutral is boring. It’s everything that you can ask for a perfect ambience in a room. And apart from being peaceful and pleasant to the eyes, neutral can be totally energetic and fun too. Just remember to add the right textures, perfect colour, top-notch materials, and a great design sense to the décor. The rest will be incredible.

Ways to make your neutral décor look extravagant

In order to make your neutral themed décor look extravagant, ensure to keep the minimalist concept in mind as well. Because too many components can often steal the magic of neutral décor. Apart from this, if you follow the below-listed tips, it will turn out just fabulous!

  • Soft contrasts are important

When you’re just looking for neutral décor, going for a single, neutral, and soft shade on the walls is mandatory. Most probably, the monochrome effect looks best in neutral shades. Keep it light peach, beige, dull cream or simply the pastels. (As these colours blend well with every décor element.) And if you intend to add contrast, never contradict it. Keep it soft and light wherein two similar neutral shades blend with each other and keep the concept and theme alive. Call the experts in interior painting in Auckland from Auckland Premium Painters for the job. They’ll do fantastic work with neat effects on your walls as their experience in this field is noteworthy.

  • Patterns and textures can be charming

Since you are sticking to neutral décor, you obviously won’t be able to add loud décor items in the place. It’s super easy to fill in this gap with light textures and patterns. Like, you can pick lightly patterned curtains in the living room in a similar shade to add a touch of elegance or simply opt for velvet textures for the sofa and furry neutral rugs for the floor!

  • Very subtle lighting

Do you know playing with neutral themes is also very much connected to the light effects in the room? Remember, your living room shouldn’t be too bright or even too gloomy. (Because if it’s too bright, it will dull the effect of the neutral tone of paints. If it’s too dark, you’ll visualise the room in darker tones.) Rather, go for subtle light that is spread across the living room (rather than being concentrated only in one side of the room). Like, an egg white light glow can light up the room perfectly.

Embrace modern style furniture — Be very careful of the furniture you select for a living room designed with a neutral concept. Mostly, only modern styled furniture with a sleek look complements these tones perfectly. You can enjoy the level of comfort you like by adding a plush divan or stylishly shaped sofa and a glass centre table. However, remember, never go for darker tones of wood or too overwhelming design on them as well.

You might have thought that designing a living room with only a neutral colour pallet might be difficult. But see, we made it sound so simple and absolutely perfect. Now you try your best and create a wonderful space in your living room with these ideas and show us your creativity and style. 


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