To Happily Ever After! Top 10 Most Romantic Ways To Propose


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Been planning to have the most romantic wedding proposal? Well, it takes a lot of thinking and preparation. However, if you know what kind of relationship you’re in, then it’ll be easy to come up with things that you and your soon-to-be fiance will enjoy.

The most important thing to make sure is that there’s 99.9% that she’ll say yes. You can ask people around you, or you can take the hints she’s giving every time there’s a wedding-related moment.

You can think of a million ways how can you ask the ultimate question but you should consider the time you’ve spent together and the fact that this will be the first step to your happily ever after.


So if you already have an Argyle diamond engagement ring but still need a little help choosing the best spot, then you should check the list below!

1. On a beach

One of the most iconic places where you can pop the questions is on a beach. Nothing beats a romantic walk under the sunset while thinking that you’ll spend the rest of your lives together.

All you need to prepare is the mood, the Argyle diamond engagement ring, and the question you’re going to ask.

If you want it to be more public, then you can let your family and friends watch from afar. You can go straight to the engagement party after the proposal.

2. On top of a mountain

Love is truly in the air when two people shared perfect scenery together. If you both enjoy hiking, then there’s nothing to worry about other paraphernalia. All you need is the great view on top of a mountain, an Argyle diamond engagement ring in your pocket, and the one you love.

You can choose a mountain you’ve both been to before or a new one. Either way, you will still both cherish it forever.

3. At a tourist spot

Going on a holiday trip? Maybe this is the right time to seal the deal. Kidding aside, most holiday destinations are all romantic so wherever you’ve decided to pop the question, you’re good to go.

All cities, and even the countryside, feature different great views so you’ll never lose a good backdrop for a picture-perfect moment. Whether it’s in public or just the two of you, it’ll still be romantic as you imagine.

4. In a park

Imagine sitting on a picnic blanket with your someone special, and just watching people around. This calming moment can be the right time for a proposal. You can hide the Argyle diamond engagement ring in the food, or just put it in your pocket.

This simple yet romantic gesture will turn a perfect moment into a lifetime of happiness. It’s something you can cherish privately, or you can also let your loved ones be part of it.

romantic proposal

5. On a hot air balloon

Love is literally in the air if you’ve decided to pick a hot air balloon ride for a marriage proposal. It takes a few strings to pull when renting a hot air balloon so it’s hard to mess this up as long as you don’t drop the ring. Make sure that both of you will enjoy the ride you’ll never forget.

Isn’t it romantic that you’ll get to enjoy a great view while having the time of your lives!

6. In an amusement park

If you both enjoy amusement parks, then there’s no other reason why you shouldn’t propose on your favourite ride. The most popular amusement park proposal would be on top of the Ferris wheel. It’s a great option if you can’t handle a hot air balloon.

Aside from the Ferris wheel, you can also opt for other amusement park proposals such as the carousel, bump cars, or right below the fireworks.

7. In a museum

Have you ever watched The Vow (2012)? If yes, do you remember that the wedding of Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum) happened inside a museum? It was so romantic even though they had to run because the cops are chasing them.

Now, you don’t have to be a badass for a museum proposal. You can buy tickets, and do the proposal without worrying about going to jail.

You can simply get down on one knee in front of your favourite art or rent the entire place for a more intimate proposal.

8. In a restaurant

Another classic way to propose is in your favourite restaurant. You can do it while there are other people around, or you can just talk to the manager about your plan for a more elaborate gesture.

You can put the Argyle diamond engagement ring anywhere you want but make sure it’s not on the food because she might swallow the ring.

romantic proposal

9. At a concert

Do you both like music? Then you should surprise her with a ring while your favourite artist is singing. She won’t even get suspicious if you have a camera ready for the big moment because you’re in a concert.

It would be memorable and you can also include the song on your wedding day. Just pick the right moment, and everything will be perfect.

10. At a party

If you both like going to parties, then it’s a great choice to surprise her with an Argyle diamond engagement ring. You can drop the questions at a holiday party or you can just plan a surprise party just for her.

You can recreate the first party you both enjoy or your favorite one. It’ll be more romantic than the first time around.

It’ll also great to have her loved ones around her during this very special occasion. Just make sure that she’s not yet drunk before you ask her.


Now that you have tons of ideas on how you can ask her the biggest question of your relationship, then it’s up to you to decide what to do. However, you should remember that the most important thing is that you love each other. The surprises and preparations are just decorations to make this day more colourful and unforgettable.

Aliana Baraquio
Aliana Baraquio
Aliana Baraquio is a web content writer during the day, and an aspiring chef before dinner time. You can catch her browsing the internet for the latest hairstyles and hair care tips in her free time.


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